Life After Downton Abbey

If you’re anything like me than you really loved watching Downton Abbey! I mean, who didn’t?? I so enjoyed the visits and glimpses of history as much as the sharp wit and humor of the Dowager. Julian Fellowes really did an amazing job writing such a beloved show and making you love or hate each character.  But what do we do now that Lady Edith has found happiness and Mary has somewhat come to grips with her as a sister??

Maybe it’s old news, but I wanted to tell you that Amazon Prime has another show by Julian Fellowes that he’s written in the spirit of Downton. It’s called Doctor Thorne and is free to watch with a Prime membership. There are only four episodes so it’s not as big a commitment as Downton, but they were really well done. Here’s the trailer from Amazon:

I really liked the writing and am found myself favoring characters straightaway. Julian has a little chat with the viewer before and after the episode and it’s so interesting to hear from the creator’s perspective! A little taste of Downton again! If you watch or have watched it, let me know what you think!

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Demolition & Drywall

April was a very busy month and  made me so happy we hired out the demolition and drywall of the mudroom! While the walls were open we had the room rewired and turns out that was a great decision as well, since not only was this entire room wired poorly, there were burn outs and exposed splicing and all sorts of no-no’s that we got corrected. It was a little more expensive than anticipated, but totally worth it for our safety and the longevity of our home. First things first, we cleaned out the space and were away for the weekend while most of the major stuff was done.



I had already poked into some of the walls just to see if this room was even insulated and uncovered a few surprises.  For instance, when the addition of this space was added they just popped drywall up over the existing siding and didn’t bother to remove it.  No surprise some of these walls were wavy. Demo uncovered even more of the same.

Mudroom Demo


And although we’re up here in the Northeast, we found…


SHIPLAP! Joanna Gaines would be thrilled!  :-) I was pretty excited too, but it was in no way the shape needed to keep and I was ready to just keep moving with this space, so drywall it was.

As far as the stuff you don’t see, we had the ceiling fixture relocated to the center of the room, the broken doorbell wiring removed, added a closet light over the door that worked on a switch and not a pull chain and added a bank of switches near the front door to access the lights for both the room as well as the exterior.  It’s refreshing to not have to walk over by the window to turn the lamppost on. #oldhouses

We took over from here, so I sanded all the drywall down (holy cow that’s messy) and had a good old fashioned wine and paint night to get the ceilings and walls primed.


The floor in here appears sloped throughout, but really is only sloping by the door.  Full disclosure is that we opted not to fix it. We’ll live with this room having a little dip by the door and maybe someone down the line will be interested in fixing it, but we’re going to just move on.  We also aren’t installing tile in here which makes this decision easier. We did decide to help ourselves out a little bit and installed a layer of underlayment over the existing subfloor and tacked it down with staples at each of the guides and every 3″ at the edges.


So now, with Birdie’s approval, we have a nice clean layer of underlayment to work from for our next steps.


Since then I painted the ceiling and this weekend worked on the closet area. We put together some great plans and ideas to maximize the storage in here and it was fun getting to put it all together.  Show you soon!

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Mudroom Planning

I’m so excited to share that our mudroom renovation is finally underway! Since the bathroom was complete earlier this winter it was about time to get rid of that eye sore and check another room off our lists. We’re hiring out the demo, electrical and drywall since we only seem to have one weekend to spend on projects this month and, let’s be honest, its work I don’t know how to do or have time to learn right now. Sometimes I feel that if I waited for every weekend to be a “weekend warrior” we’d never get anything done, so for short money we’ve hired it out and left the fun stuff for us!

Planning the space out is something I have gotten to do for a long time though! We have a lot of ways this room needs to work hard for us:

  1. Mudroom: Seasonable coats, shoes, boots, and winter accessories need to be stored here. Since we don’t have a lot of storage elsewhere for these things, I’d love if they could stay here all year round. We have a small coat closet we put to work off the main hall, but all shoes here is a must.
  2. Keys + Mail: An organized drop zone is another must-have. Currently we use the hall table but it’s so close to the kitchen all the mail just gets dumped on the kitchen counter and undoubtedly stays there since I hate sorting mail. I’d love to find a way to make this neater!
  3. Hockey + Golf Storage: The mudroom has this incredibly large closet in it, thankfully, that fits 2 sets of golf clubs, our shoes, etc as well as my hubby’s hockey bag and equipment.  We’re both golfers and with no garage this closet saves us. The hockey equipment needs to air out after each game, so I need to come up with a way to store and also allow the shoulder pads, etc to breath before the game the next week. I have some ideas here but please share if you also have a hockey family!
  4. Small Tools & Storage: Again, with no garage I’d love to store tools in this space or at least the most commonly used ones and work on a shop in the basement. Currently I keep the tape measure in the bowl with our keys, if that gives you any indication of how often we use it! :-) Also, all that “stuff” that you just seem to have needs a home: car cleaning wipes, reusable grocery bags, light bulbs, or all that little stuff that just pops up. Having some closed storage to keep all of that would be really nice.

And lastly, I want it to be lovely! :-) Here’s some pinterest inspiration I gathered to help inspire us:


I love the solid wood top to the bench and LOVE those baskets for shoes! I’m going to have to hunt for something like that!

PlankingAnother wood bench, but I also love the wall planks behind the bench! #shiplap I really like the open cubbies so you can either just kick shoes off or easily grab a basket or storage bin to put in there, so that’s definitely something we’re incorporating.


Cement Tile

Don’t even talk to me about how amazing that floor is! We’re sticking with a pretty small budget in here so won’t be going with cement tile like this, but I love the fun pop it gives to this space.


YES!! Board and Batten!

Those are just a few that inspire me, but there’s a lot of creativity with smaller spaces out there! If you have any you’d like to share link it below, please! I can’t wait to show you the progress so far and some of the fun quirks uncovered!

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