Exterior Update

Hi all! I hope you’re all recovering from the storm this past weekend.  We were lucky to miss it and only got about 6″ here, so I am quite thankful for that! It’s also 42 degrees today, so this is just crazy for New England, but I’ll take it.

Since I’ve shared the completed inside of the bath, I also wanted to share with you how this really transformed out house’s exterior with the new roof lines.

Exterior Before Exterior After

Exterior Before Exterior After

It just fits in so much better and I can’t hardly believe it sometimes.  You may see the inside and may think it was just a bath renovation, but it really was a full dormer demo and new addition to the house. To see it like this really puts it in perspective. We added the cedar shingles to match our existing details and we’ll get everything painted in the spring to match. Looks good, though, right?


A Master Bath Reveal!

The day has come, my four readers, to take a look at the completed bathroom!  I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Bath 1 Shower 2 Vanity 2

So, what do you think?? We’re still adding updates like towels bars, new window treatments and decor, of course, but the overall construction is completed.  The vanity turned out to be everything we wanted and is so beautiful and well made!  Between all the storage there and the medicine cabinets, we have everything we need stored in the bath right now.

Vanity Storage

Some of our favorite details include the floor.  I love the floor!  It’s a grey porcelain tile with a marble look and I just love it!  The dark floor hides dirt and hair in between cleaning and with the added heated element it’s lovely to walk on. No rugs in here for the time being!


We also are in love with the way the shower niche turned out! The final design was literally a night-before decision, but it turned out just perfect. The night before install we found this crown/chair rail type tile at Home Depot that we were able to use to frame out the opening of the niche. The shelves are made of the back splash piece that came with the vanity.  I’m never a fan of the small back splash, so knew I’d re-purpose it here if we had the chance and the shelves are perfect and tie-in with the marble accent we chose for the shower.

Niche 1 Niche 2

Of course I can’t not talk about the chandelier!  I found this on Joss and Main last April and knew it’d be perfect for our bathroom makeover, even before we really had it in our heads to do the bath over! It looks like little droplets of water and adds such a fun touch. All the lights are on dimmers, as well, so if a little relaxing bath is in order, the lights can help set the mood. 😉

Bath Chandy

We also love the vanity, not only for the storage, but for the details.  This beast came full assembled at 350 pounds and really could not be taken apart, so keep that in mind if purchasing it (I sourced the vanity here).  The undermount sinks and faucets that were included are beautiful and pay homage to the age of our home.


Vanity Faucet

What I really love, though, is the extra edge detail on the carrara marble top.  It’s so gorgeous and adds so much sophistication to this vanity.  I can’t even believe this is included at the price, really, but is very very lovely.


And personally, I love how the wood tone of the mirrors warm up the space.  We have plans to add some open shelving over the toilet nook  in the same wood tone and perhaps even a linen tower with how that nook turned out.  I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now, here she is. Of course you can’t have an after with out a before!


Bath 1

Thanks for being patient and sticking with me through this!  Settling in and with the holidays slowed me down a bit, but I appreciate still being able to share everything!  If I can ever get home and outside while it’s still light out I’ll share a view from the outside, but we’re equally as in love with how the dormer turned out from there.

Let me know what you think!

Inside the Bath

Happy New Year, All! I owe you all so much information on the bathroom!  Lastly I showed you the exterior, but you haven’t seen anything on the inside for quite a while!  I’ll try not to drag it out in too many posts, but since this blog is a great place to hold Jake and I’s stories I’ll want to drag it out a little bit for someday as we look back.  So, remember our before, or just after gutting it:


And then the whole dormer was built and we had a frame with a view..


It actually does go pretty fast for the big stuff.  The devil’s in the details and I like details, but we’ll get to that.  The window went in and tyvek went up to seal up the outside.  We needed to reroute the plumbing, add new insulation and level the floor, so the subfloor came up and they started in on joint reinforcement and laying out the new plumbing lines.


You can see below where the plumbed for the vanity location.Plumbing Vanity

The the fun stuff starts to happen.  The new tub was set in place in and plumbed in order to prep for plumbing rough inspection.Tub 1 Tub 2 Running water!!!! After inspection, the new subfloor and other framing for the ceiling went in, as well as the insulation.  We chose to vault the ceiling to 8′-0″.

Framing 1 Framing 2

And then… this happened and there may have been some tears.  Yup, tears.

Drywall Drywall 2

DRYWALL!  Honestly, I work in this business and knew what it was going to look like, but when we actually hit that moment where I could feel the finish line closing in and see the result of my design, months and months of thought and careful decision making… I was bawled over.  :-)

How about we get to the “finished” product already (is any room every finished?), right?  I’ll get it up this week!  Promise!