Our Old Bulkhead

Sometimes the projects you put off thinking they were going to be SO timing consuming or just a pain are really the easiest and you wished you knew earlier.  For some reason I kept putting off spray painting our bulkhead thinking it would take me for-ever, but this update only took about 2 hours including dry time and made a world of difference. Here’s what we’ve been ignoring for nearly 5 years:Bulkhead Before 2


And after the easiest and fastest spruce-up ever:Bulkhead After 2

Much better right? Jake started by helping me out with the creepy bits like vacuuming all the spiders and cobwebs inside the bulkhead (thanks, babe!).  After that I just swept all the dirt up on the outside and around the edges. After one coat it was already looking better. Bulkhead Before 1 Bulkhead After 1

I also took a minute to scrape the whole thing down with a wire brush.  Especially the areas where the old paint was chipping or rusting off.  I sprayed on 2 full coats of paint and primer in one, plus a bit more to touch-up areas.  I also let each coat dry for about 30 minutes in-between.  Bulkhead Before 3 Bulkhead After 3



This was so simply I have to call it instant gratification!  While the weather is finally getting nicer we have a few other things to tackle in this area.  As you can notice we haven’t painted the risers or touched up the siding where we moved the railings, so that’s on the agenda.  Also, that ugly contraption above the hoses in the photo above is our back-flow preventer for the irrigation system.  I plan on building something to hide it that will blend into the siding more.  We only installed our irrigation system last year, so I’m not as far behind with that project! One last look…Bulkhead BeforeAfter

This update cost all of $12 for 3 cans of spray paint. It’s nice to get something checked off the list!


Forsythia Wreath

Spring has sprung or, well, is spring-ing and each day we get closer to the lush foliage and flowers it will bring!  Our grass is turning more green than brown and actually starting to grow and I even took a time-out and planted our veggie garden in our raised bed.  So it’s time to come out of blog-hibernation, dump that “meh” feeling I’ve carried for a while and shake the cob-webs off my creativity.  I enjoy blogging and sharing our home and will continue to do this for me.  Although I can get overwhelmed by the talent and frequency at which bloggers in the DIY/Home Decor blogosphere are able to post and complete projects, I just need to be true to myself and do what I can. I work a full time job that requires commuting and long hours sometimes.  I am a wife, puppy-mom, and caretaker of our home.  Sometimes I just can’t get it all done and rather than give up – I need to be ok with that.  So, I’m back and won’t make any commitments to myself about posting frequency or anything…I’ll just continue to share when I can and what I have, so I hope you’re with me!  There are a few things to catch up on and some fun but also incredibly challenging things in store for us!  Stay tuned for more!


Hibernation and Yetis

We are not the only area of the world to get snowfall.  It happens every winter whether we want it or not.  None can deny, though, that this last week+ in New England and in the Boston area we are getting hammered with it so quickly we don’t have time to move it before the next wave of 20″ is upon us and the natives are starting to get restless.


You look out your window and wonder where it is all going go….


Or how you are going to get out…


Or get back in!


But we brave the weather since we have to and layer on the hats/coats/scarves/gloves and head outside to do our best.

Snow Snow

And rejoice when we’ve found our cars beneath the drifts and are thankful for that ugly chain link fence that’s holding the piles back from you..


And while you’re out and about, you might just run into this guy.  Who knows who’ll you meet as we band together to brave the snowfall!

Boston Yeti

Image courtesy of twitter.com – @BostonYeti

But mostly…we hibernate.  We dream of freely going to store and finding parking on the first turn around the lot…  Of maybe accessorizing with shoes other than snow boots… Of sitting in traffic on the way to/from work for less than 2 hours only to have to shovel out your own space when you get there…or maybe of getting to work at all!

When all this is getting to you, sometimes you have to fall back on a classic.

Grilled Cheese

Enjoy some warm soup and a grilled cheese, Boston.  You know we’ve earned it.  Stay safe and hunker down for round four (?) this weekend.  We don’t know where we’ll put it, but we’ll find a way (or a backhoe).