Hibernation and Yetis

We are not the only area of the world to get snowfall.  It happens every winter whether we want it or not.  None can deny, though, that this last week+ in New England and in the Boston area we are getting hammered with it so quickly we don’t have time to move it before the next wave of 20″ is upon us and the natives are starting to get restless.


You look out your window and wonder where it is all going go….


Or how you are going to get out…


Or get back in!


But we brave the weather since we have to and layer on the hats/coats/scarves/gloves and head outside to do our best.

Snow Snow

And rejoice when we’ve found our cars beneath the drifts and are thankful for that ugly chain link fence that’s holding the piles back from you..


And while you’re out and about, you might just run into this guy.  Who knows who’ll you meet as we band together to brave the snowfall!

Boston Yeti

Image courtesy of twitter.com – @BostonYeti

But mostly…we hibernate.  We dream of freely going to store and finding parking on the first turn around the lot…  Of maybe accessorizing with shoes other than snow boots… Of sitting in traffic on the way to/from work for less than 2 hours only to have to shovel out your own space when you get there…or maybe of getting to work at all!

When all this is getting to you, sometimes you have to fall back on a classic.

Grilled Cheese

Enjoy some warm soup and a grilled cheese, Boston.  You know we’ve earned it.  Stay safe and hunker down for round four (?) this weekend.  We don’t know where we’ll put it, but we’ll find a way (or a backhoe).

A Tree for Silver & Gold

My hubby got me the most beautiful jewelry tree for Christmas this year and it’s helped spruce up one more empty area in our bedroom plus gives me a place to display pretty necklaces and bracelets. What gal doesn’t love that?

Jewelry Tree

I don’t really care for huge bureau mirrors myself but I do like to take a quick peak when I put my earrings on in the morning. One problem with this wall and my preference to keep away from a big bureau mirror is, well….my height. I’m a little on the “wee” size at just about 5′-0″. (You are correct in assuming that “just about” means I miss the mark).

Jewelry Tree

For the past year I’ve had the black shaped mirror resting on the bureau (from a Joss and Main sale) and I could see myself just fine! However, hanging a solo mirror at that low height was definitely not going to look right. I picked up two small square mirrors at target on clearance for $6 and painted them both with gold paint to compliment the black mirror we had. After a little arranging I was able to hang the lower mirror at my height while putting the black mirror up at Jake’s height and then balancing them out with the second smaller square mirror.

Jewelry Tree

I like the mix of materials between the silver and gold that we have going on in this corner and think it adds to the character of spaces.  I still have plans to build or buy a proper full length mirror for a small wall between this area and the closet so am happy this isn’t creating a giant expansive wall of mirror that would compete with that.

Jewelry Tree

I still get a spot to put on my earrings and this little jewelry tree is just so pretty! What a precious hubby I have!

Jewelry Tree is from West Elm and is still available here

A year in review

Blogs can be so informative and inspiring, but they are also an incredible place to document your journey, which is the #1 reason I have this blog.  Recently my husband said, “We didn’t really do much this past year, did we?”.  Well, hunny – yes.  Yes we did.  And that’s why I have this blog.

January we recovered the office chairs, built new shelves in the pantry and painted our master bedroom.


February we spent mostly on our master bedroom installing the plank wall and gallery frames, but we also helped my sister, Monique with her fireplace makeover.

MB Frame Wall

March is vacation month for us,  but we did get the new dining room table and chairs as well as show off the fancy sliding door trim.

Dining Room

April was all about getting out of winter as it usually is and being over anxious for Spring.  We did tackle cleaning and organizing the basement, and I finally painted our PITA closet doors though!  I love those basement shelves and as an update they are still so sturdy and functional!


May is when things get fun for us and we get outside a little bit.  We added edging to the flower beds, built a vegetable garden, dealt with our friendly racoon (repeatedly) as well as other pests.

Raised Bed

In June it was awesome to reveal the brick wall we built over Memorial Day weekend.  So technically it was a May project still! This is when things slowed down for us though.  I spent the summer yes, puttering around the yard and playing golf, but also working on projects for my sisters wedding, which was really fun and just gorgeous!

Wall 6

In July we finally hung some art in our naked bathroom and in August we disappeared entirely! :-)  In September we installed our new pantry light (which I constantly want to leave on because I love it!) and my sister got hitched!


Pantry Light

October finished out with a spruce up to our patio furniture before winter and a new dining room sideboard, which I noticed I never posted about (but will now :) ). During November I showed the units we added to the office.

Patio Set Office

December was….crickets! But it was good and it was fun and we had a lovely holiday with friends and family!

So there it is.  A post I wasn’t going to write, but am glad I did because this is what it’s about – the stories.  Our Story. I hope 2014 was a successful year for you filled with lots of joyful memories, not only of projects completed, but friendships made and smiles shared and all the love in-between!