Taking Shape

  We have had some progress, but before I get into where we’re at, I’m asking you to send some sweet thoughts/prayers to my head framer, Billy.  His mother fell last week and has been in the hospital and undergoing some tests, etc. due to the trauma to her head. We wish her all the best and hope she recovers soon.

When I last left you, friends, you caught a glimpse of the exterior being demolished and ready for the new framing.

Bath Day 4

Demo is exciting!  And noisy…just fyi.  :-) Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures.

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Once they had done all of that it was about lunch time, so while it was safe to do so, I couldn’t help but sneak up there and take a picture looking out!

Demo 9

They started right in on framing the 2 new exterior walls right after that.

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By the end of the first day, the new walls were up!  No rain was expected so the blue tarp was fine for the night. We made some quick changes after day 1 and talking to Billy.  Basically we redesigned the roof shape from our first plan and love what we decided to do. The next day, the roof rafters went up and we could really start to see the new dormer take shape.

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Our view from our new window which replaces the skylight we had previously:


A slow-down occurred at this point when Billy’s mother fell, but he came back to get us temporarily weather-tight for this weekend before the rains came again.

Framing14 Framing 14

HA!  Cracks me up, but that’s how we’re working right now! I do love how the new roof lines are looking, though.  The dormer is starting to look like it belonged there all along.

Framing 13

The plumber has started rough-ins and electrical is nearly done with theirs.  There’s a framer here today working on the floor joists so they can both finish up.  Inspections are scheduled on the plumbing and electrical for tomorrow, though, so although the exterior has been delayed a little, we forge on!

Off to a slow start, but getting there

Last Monday marked Day 1 of the bath renovation with a 7am start.  I got up early, took my last shower at home and got ready for big happenings.

Bath Before Bath Day 1

After day 1, not so much. Womp womp.  As with all projects things might not happen as you hope and plan.  Although my porta-john arrived on time, the dumpster didn’t arrive until later in the day which held up demolition, so Day 1 was a bit of exploratory, but mostly a lot of waiting and setting up.


On Day 2 things got better.  A very nice crew of men arrived and got ready to fully demolish the space.  It was a noisy day and had the potential to be very messy/dusty, but the crew did a wonderful job of installing extra poly over what we had already put up, as well as adding more floor protection.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw that we had already made the house look like an episode of Dexter.#dexterlives

Bath Prep

They spent the day gutting the inside and cleaning up all that debris.

Bath Day 2 Bath Day 2.2

Uncovering the history of a house while making it your own opens a whole world of curiosity.  Like in the picture above you can see how a window was boarded up once upon a time and by the way the waste vent was installed you can tell there was no plumbing here originally.  What could this tiny little dormer space have been used for before it was a bathroom?  The wall and roof framing looks as old as the adjacent rafters.  It just makes me wonder about the history of it. Our house was built in 1890, so there’s a lot of years there to uncover!

The plumber came the following day and cut and capped the lines to ready for the rest of demo and then, of course, it rained.  For 2 days.  And then when the rain cleared we had scheduling conflicts.  These are things that happen and we can’t get too upset about – weather happens, life happens.  Just have to move on.

Yesterday our crew was back in action and we made some unexpected changes last night. It’s been a little stressful, but mostly exciting to see how this is going to take shape!  Here’s a peek at yesterday afternoon!

Bath Day 4

So nice to see progress and things moving along!

Bath Renovation Plans

As I mentioned last week, the bath renovation is happening! I wrote about why in this post and today to project kicked off to get it done before another winter goes by.  As a reminder, here’s what our space looked like now.

FullBath Bathroom

Planning this has been a challenge and I’m sure we’ll continue to learn lots more over the next few weeks.  I think the part I found most amazing is the lack of responsiveness in trying to hire a contractor. It was a frustrating process and then getting numbers, having questions, no answers… ugh.  I’ll share more with you on the contractor we finally did hired later (especially after we start to see some of their work!), but we’re feeling confident we made the right decision.

Of course I’ve been looking at bathroom pictures for months and months and completing some drawings to have on hand.  To give you an idea of how much this is going to improve the one full bath this house is capable of having here’s our current and the revised layout:

existing bath new bath

That’s a double vanity, people!  And I think the little toilet alcove is my hubby’s favorite part.  By flipping the tub around, we can add the double vanity where the small pantry/roof is currently.  This whole renovation also gets our ceiling height up to 8+ feet, so although I’m still very short, it won’t feel like a bathroom for little people anymore!


Since this is our only bathroom and it needs to be done quick, we’re not doing anything ourselves and the whole project should be done inside of 4 weeks, provided the inspections are timely and the weather holds up ok.  We already have a small delay due to the weather this week, but fingers crossed it’s the only one.

For today, though, it looks like this.

Bath RenoAny progress is good progress.  :-)