Colorado Springs

Last month we had the opportunity to head to Colorado Springs to attend a friend’s wedding and we took a few extra days to see the area and we are so glad we did! Colorado Springs is beautiful!  First, we flew into Denver and went straight off to lunch at Euclid Hall. This place has some menu items that are off the hook and a fantastic “gastro-pub” atmosphere. One of the things we had was a complete play on both texture and temperature.

That’s freeze dried duck on top of homemade chips on top of warm duct confit on top of herby goat cheese. What?!?! Amazing, is what.

Colo Springs

We planned a few excursions while we were there, but kept it a pretty relaxed trip to just enjoy the area. We toured some caves, went horseback riding through Garden of the Gods, went for walks and discovered some great restaurants and wine bars.  The area is just so beautiful.

Colo SpringsColo Springs Colo Springs  Colo Springs Colo Springs Colo Springs Colo Springs

2015-06-19 10.01.22 Colo Springs

My friend married a Captain in the Air Force, so one of the most incredible parts of our trip was getting to go to the Air Force Academy and to the Cadet Chapel where they were married. I only had my phone on me for these pictures, but how amazing is this?

2015-06-20 17.48.41 Colo Springs Colo Springs

That isle was so long, I gotta give to my girl…I would’ve had to take a breather half way.  And can you believe the size of that organ?? (There’s a joke there, I’m sure of it… :-) ) There were strips of stained glass between each of the steel “A-Frames” (for lack of a better explanation) so the light kept changing color as it filtered through and was so magical.

It was a wonderful trip!  Jake and I had a lot of fun, as usual, and I’m always so honored and touched to be a part of someone’s wedding and take part in those moments with them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have a chance, check out my friends blog Little Girl, Big World where she documents her travel adventures!  She’s an amazing writer and you’ll feel like a fast friend immediately!

About that Front Yard…

Remember WAY back in 2013 when I wrote about getting the front yard spruced up?  No?  Yeah, me neither…woops.  Time flies?  Well, the general idea was to add edging and a lamp post and plants to the area out front near the tree.  Here’s our photo-shopped inspiration photos:


Along the back edge of the driveway we wanted to raise up the wall and add some privacy tree/shrubs bordering the neighbors chain link fence.

Fence Area Dream

Dear Reader, you wouldn’t hardly believe it, but we actually did do some of this!  We used a “Yard Crashers Day” to have family come over to help get this started last fall.  Basically, my parents, one of my sisters + her hubbie, and Jake and I (since we’re all local to each other)  trade off a day to come over and tackle some outside project that might be a bit daunting to do on your own.  For instance, my parents have a huge yard, front and back, so we helped them rake leaves and get them all piled up in a trailer and off to the dump.  My sister’s yard crasher day turned into yard/house day as we prepped her house for their wedding which was happening in their backyard.  And our yard crasher day was very rainy and very wet and we got a bit of this completed.  Ready to see?  There are no progress shots because it was very rainy and very wet, but may hands make quick work so it’s fun to work together all the same.

Here’s where we started:


And after a bit of family fun, here’s where we ended up after that rainy fall day:

Front 2

And now a little earlier this summer:


We picked up a punch of perennials at the end of season for 50% off and although we didn’t even know what a lot of them were or where going to do, they’ve done beautifully!  Instead of a forsythia like in our inspiration collage, we bought a lilac plant that has really thrived and gave us beautiful blooms this year.  The brick edging tied everything in together and we were able to use up what we had left from the wall in the backyard so didn’t cost us a dime.


When we dug up the old iron lamppost last fall, my dad tested the wires and they were still good, so we knew we didn’t have to do much to put a new lamppost here.  We chose and ordered a PVC lamppost for easy maintenance and it was synch to install.  We simply dug a hole deep enough to pour concrete and used a spare landscape timber to support the post and attach the wiring to.

Post Install

Then you just slide the PVC assembly over the timber and guide the wiring up to your fixture.

Post Install 3

Post Install 4

And you’re done!  We mulched around it which helps to keep it clean and we don’t have to paint it.  Something beautiful and wood would be just lovely as well, but this works for us and our little house.


Jacob and my dad did also raise up the wall along the back fence and we bought some teeny-tiny privet hedges that we hope will grow into a nice privacy screen someday.

?????????? Wall

Wall 2

We’ll see about that…out of 25 plants and a winter from you-know-where we only have 6 or 7 of them with leaves and new growth on them, but they are supposed to be hardy and resilient so I’m giving them a fighting chance!  Maybe someday they’ll turn into this:


I’ll keep my eye on them and let you know how they work out! Do you have a Yard Crashers Day too?

Celebrating the 4th

The 4th of July is perhaps my favorite holiday.  It competes with Christmas for sure!  We usually have a big group of family around and just good times to be had by all. Cookouts, sunshine, yard games and fireworks – what’s not to love?

Those are throwback photos from our 2013 Fourth which was definitely a good time! This year will be more of the same and I can’t wait!  I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July!  Enjoy the fireworks and fun and have a safe and wonderful holiday!