Who We Are

BirdieI’m Michelle Schreib and that handsome fellow there is my hubs, Jacob. Oh, and the cutie upfront and center? That’s our puggle, Birdie. Together the three of us are navigating this thing called Life armed with golf clubs and power tools. We’re in the Boston area so toss a snow shovel in there too.

After living in a 465 SF condo for years we took the plunge and discovered we could actually afford to buy a house! We found our diamond in the rough in 2011 and have been saving our dollars and working to transform our home into everything we know it could be.  Outside and in, it’s a work in progress, but what isn’t?

We both have 8-5’s so nights and weekends are the real focus of our time. We golf (ahem, we named our dog Birdie), love to cook, enjoy traveling and seeing how other people live, and we renovate. Our family helps a lot too which we love! We love hearing from you too so follow along!


  1. Came to your site from the lettered cottage & you are correct New York is a great place to vacation. I live near Rochester & my daughter currently lives in Ithaca. So many awesome things to do here & the fishing is great!

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