It’s for the birds…

Here it is!  My first blog post!  I’ve been talking and talking about doing this… and now.. it’s real!  First things first… why birds?  Well, we just sorta have a thing for them.  Maybe I get it from my Mom or maybe I just love how free and happy they seem to be all the time.  We’ve got them all over our house, on our wedding invitations, and it’s the most rewarding score in golf! Jake even has them in his tatoos!tatoosBW

Now you know I’m not talking about pigeons or seagulls here.  I’m talking about the sweet, cute, fat ones that chill out in your birdbath during the summer and zip all around the air and sing.  Yeah, those!

That being said, we don’t want to own a bird.  And I can’t get a bird feeder even since we’re too urbanly situated (our massive squirrels will just take over!).  But, we watch the ones we have and encourage more to come!  Just like I’ll try to encourage you…more readers, to come and listen to Jake and I as we throw ourselves into our first house, our first dog (aptly named, Birdie), and our first year of marriage one crafty, diyish, good cookin’-ish, fun-lovin’ family post at a time!

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