Our Mudroom Closet Fit-out

One of the priorities in planning the mudroom was to add in storage for both golf equipment and hockey things. “Adult toys”, if you will. This closet is so large and it’s location in the front room right when you walk in to the house is just perfect for these needs.


After we had the room demoed, lighting changed around and the new drywall put up I set my sights on planning some closet storage that would really work for us.


Full disclaimer and no judgement here, but my husband really likes his golf shoes. A lot.  They all actually do get worn and he’s a bargain hunter at heart, so no complaints here. He may play more in a year than some people even do in a life-time and we all have our thing. #powertools. I mention it because since this was going to be a custom fit-out closet, I might as well make the shoes fit (hardy har-har)! So I did. 🙂

Footjoy Shelf

The first thing I did was level the ledge that ran across the back and deepened it for the shoes. It was about 1″ off from end to end so I cut some shims to fit before adding a new wood top to make this ledge about 14″ deep.

Closet Shelf

Closet Shelf 2

On the left side of the closet, I purchased two unfinished wood wall cabinets from Lowes. I can’t seem to find them online anymore right now, but they were $88.66 each.

Lowes Order

Wood Cabinets

I took the doors off to install and stacked one over each, securing them to the studs so we could have some closed door storage. I really wanted to be sure that if ever someone were to grab a door or shelf and lean on this unit to access something they wouldn’t budge. I feel very confident they’re not going anywhere. These will be great for things like small tools, car-cleanings fixings and miscellaneous sports things that don’t need to be out. Each cabinet is 12″ deep and 30″ wide/tall giving us an additional 5-feet of storage on top of the ledge. That’s very tall obviously, but will be great for storing those little used and seasonal items way up high.

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 2

On the right side, I added 1×2 supports off the cabinets, side and the rear walls for the shelves. The shelving boards were left over boards I kept from the pantry makeover a few years ago and that saved some dollars.  I did my measurements and planning to finish each front edge with a 1×3 to add a beefier shelf look and create a more finished edge.

Shelves 1

Shelves 2

Jacob’s shoe boxes will fit perfectly on the first and (half of, Jacob) second shelf. We can use the top shelf for my tall riding-type boots and winter boots in the off season and I’m excited to have a place to store them upright so they maintain their shape. Birdie was so anxious to see what all the fuss was about, as usual.

Birdie Shelf

To finish it up, I need to caulk, sand then prime/paint everything white-at least that’s the plan so far. I also need to add supports in there for hanging hockey attire to dry so I’m holding off until we finalize our ideas for that. I really want it to be quick and easy for after those late night games, but also keep things tidy and neat for both our sake. When it’s loaded up it just might bring a tear to Jacob’s eye.

Footjoy Shelves 1

Footjoy Shelves 2

I love how it turned out already and am pretty proud of myself if you don’t mind me saying so! I can’t believe the amount of storage it’s adding in such a small space. The two cabinets came to around $177 and I spent maybe $25 on wood for the shelves and cabinet hanging screws so for around $200 this is pretty great. Any mudroom or storage updates going on in your neck of the woods? Any tips for hockey storage? Pinterest is light on inspiration…

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Life After Downton Abbey

If you’re anything like me than you really loved watching Downton Abbey! I mean, who didn’t?? I so enjoyed the visits and glimpses of history as much as the sharp wit and humor of the Dowager. Julian Fellowes really did an amazing job writing such a beloved show and making you love or hate each character.  But what do we do now that Lady Edith has found happiness and Mary has somewhat come to grips with her as a sister??

Maybe it’s old news, but I wanted to tell you that Amazon Prime has another show by Julian Fellowes that he’s written in the spirit of Downton. It’s called Doctor Thorne and is free to watch with a Prime membership. There are only four episodes so it’s not as big a commitment as Downton, but they were really well done. Here’s the trailer from Amazon:

I really liked the writing and am found myself favoring characters straightaway. Julian has a little chat with the viewer before and after the episode and it’s so interesting to hear from the creator’s perspective! A little taste of Downton again! If you watch or have watched it, let me know what you think!

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Demolition & Drywall

April was a very busy month and  made me so happy we hired out the demolition and drywall of the mudroom! While the walls were open we had the room rewired and turns out that was a great decision as well, since not only was this entire room wired poorly, there were burn outs and exposed splicing and all sorts of no-no’s that we got corrected. It was a little more expensive than anticipated, but totally worth it for our safety and the longevity of our home. First things first, we cleaned out the space and were away for the weekend while most of the major stuff was done.



I had already poked into some of the walls just to see if this room was even insulated and uncovered a few surprises.  For instance, when the addition of this space was added they just popped drywall up over the existing siding and didn’t bother to remove it.  No surprise some of these walls were wavy. Demo uncovered even more of the same.

Mudroom Demo


And although we’re up here in the Northeast, we found…


SHIPLAP! Joanna Gaines would be thrilled!  🙂 I was pretty excited too, but it was in no way the shape needed to keep and I was ready to just keep moving with this space, so drywall it was.

As far as the stuff you don’t see, we had the ceiling fixture relocated to the center of the room, the broken doorbell wiring removed, added a closet light over the door that worked on a switch and not a pull chain and added a bank of switches near the front door to access the lights for both the room as well as the exterior.  It’s refreshing to not have to walk over by the window to turn the lamppost on. #oldhouses

We took over from here, so I sanded all the drywall down (holy cow that’s messy) and had a good old fashioned wine and paint night to get the ceilings and walls primed.


The floor in here appears sloped throughout, but really is only sloping by the door.  Full disclosure is that we opted not to fix it. We’ll live with this room having a little dip by the door and maybe someone down the line will be interested in fixing it, but we’re going to just move on.  We also aren’t installing tile in here which makes this decision easier. We did decide to help ourselves out a little bit and installed a layer of underlayment over the existing subfloor and tacked it down with staples at each of the guides and every 3″ at the edges.


So now, with Birdie’s approval, we have a nice clean layer of underlayment to work from for our next steps.


Since then I painted the ceiling and this weekend worked on the closet area. We put together some great plans and ideas to maximize the storage in here and it was fun getting to put it all together.  Show you soon!

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