Shopping for Chandys

While we’re working to update our dining room, I can’t help but hunt the web for chandeliers that we like. The new pantry light is so much fun, I think it’s finally got me thinking of what we might want to replace this beauty.

Current Light

Blech. I do plan on donating that to Habitat Re-store or Salvation Army, though. With a coat of oil-rubbed bronze it might not be so terrible, but it’s just really not our style overall and I’m looking for something that will give off a softer light.

I’m drawn more to fixtures that have drum shades. I love how elegant they look, while still giving off a casual vibe. But then again, fixtures with a little bling are really pretty too. We use this room to dine in almost every day and since we have such a small footprint we walk through it a lot as well. We want it to feel casual and lived in with a touch of class…you know, like us.  🙂


1.  Springfield2. Modern Beads / 3. Jeweled Bronze / 4. Johnathan Adler / 5. Margo / 6. Cosmo

This is a tough decision! We may end up with one of these, but then again, we may end up with something else entirely! What do you think? Do you like any of these?

Have a great weekend!

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Things that make you go… “Umm…yeah, NO.”

We’ve known for a bit that our dining room is going to under go some changes to become more our style.  We started with getting a new dining table and chairs a little earlier this year and have plans for added crown molding and shadow boxes beneath the chair rail and things like that.  I’ve always thought having a sideboard in this space would really help with serving and laying out pretty pieces and decorations.  Truth be told I also fell in love with the idea of having a space to layout a little Christmas village too! We found this piece online and I pinned it to my dining room board loving it immediately.


But there’s no way we can afford that… it’s about $2,000 on sale and I reserve  that amount of money for things I can get more personal with … like a sectional sofa or something!  It’s also incredibly long at 105″ and would fit, but would take up the entire wall end to end, and I wasn’t sure we wanted to get something quite that big.  BUT a few months ago, we came across a piece at Home Decorators that reminded us of this piece in shape and style.

sideboard / cabinet

We just waited until it went on sale with free shipping and decided we could swallow the $550 price tag much more easily.  We have some changes and additions we’re going to make to it which I’ll share down the line, though.  So we have it and the boxes look fantastic!  We have the matter of our current hutch and getting rid of that before we can set this piece up and get started, though.

Dining Room

I love this hutch, but that’s the wall I really want to place the sideboard on.  It’s got awesome wood fretwork details on the glass doors and we added puck lights to the inside so we have accent lighting in it at night.  It’s from the 1920’s and in pretty great shape as well, after I gave it a spruce up with Howard’s Restora-finish years ago.

Anyway, I thought we’d try to move it to see if we could keep it.  So we emptied it out and slid it to the nook where the secretary desk is in the picture above and moved that to the basement for the time being.

Dining Room

The result was a pretty instant, “Ummm… NO!” from both Jake and I.  I pretty much knew in my head it wasn’t going to work there, even without the extra furniture we have in here like the floral chair (which we’ve since sold) and the dresser, which is waiting to be relocated to the front room.  I didn’t even care that I was taking blog pictures with all that mess… just ick. It looks all squished there and closes the room in entirely.

Dining Room Dining RoomDining Room

Yuck yuck yuck.   So it has to go, unfortunately.  I love it, but it just doesn’t fit with our future plans for this space or style we have.  I know it won’t sell quickly since antiques can be so particular, but I couldn’t even leave it here for a while.  This room was making my eyes hurt, so I unpacked it all and we moved it right back to where it was before!

Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room

Sometimes you have to move some things around so you can see it and say, “Yeah, no… no way”.

Anyone else moving some furniture around or trying to make some spaces work better for you?

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Dining Room Updates

Part of this years goals was to update the dining room and we’ve gotten a few of the items checked off our list from our post about it here.  To recap here’s some of the things I initially wrote that we wanted to get done:

Dining Room 2

  • Finish trimming out the sliding door We’ve actually already gotten this done, but are waiting on a few more details to post about it
  • Add crown molding
  • Recenter the light fixture & get a new fixture
  • Add a dining room rug We’ve also done this just recently, but will have to share soon!

To be honest I don’t know why my goals were so light in this room.  Maybe I was afraid to set the bar too high while I was grouping together a whole house full of updates.  I think worse than not achieving your goals though, is projecting them for less than what they could be, so let me take another stab at what we really want to do in here!

  • Trim out the sliding door (and misc. work that comes with it)
  • Get a new dining room table and chairs (round or oval table)
  • Recover Jake’s grandmother’s chairs
  • Add shadow box trim on the lower half of the wall
  • Repaint the room – lower half white, upper half the darker color
  • Add crown molding
  • Recenter the light fixture, add a ceiling medallion, and get a new fixture
  • Update the hutch/server/sideboard situation (maybe get something more like  sideboard and add shelves and art on the wall above?)
  • Art, art, and more art

There…that definitely seems more like it!  As I mentioned before we already started with some of that, beginning with the sliding door and trimming it out.  There are a few areas where I’ll DIY and try my hand at doing something like building a bed, planking a wall, building new shelves and things like that.  When it comes to a few feature areas in our home I’m so very fortunate to have my Dad, who is an AMAZING finish carpenter.  This sliding door was one of the openings I really wanted fitted out a bit more grandly (and let’s be honest – properly) than my simple DIY skills are capable of.  So here’s our before and after of the door way:

Dining Room

Dining Room

Looks good, right??  He came by last fall and it this out for us using those craftsman details and ideas that we’ve started putting into the house like we did around the new windows.

Dining Room Dining Room

We still have some things to wrap up over there like fitting in a new floor vent cover and notching our a light switch cover plate to fit that properly, but I’ll sit down and do those things someday.  For now, it looks good.

Next up – we did get a new rug, but then scraped it and got a new dining room table and chairs!

Dining Room Dining Room

Years ago we fell in love with a dining room table that was $500…and we didn’t buy it.  We kicked ourselves and thought about that table and it’s gorgeous pedestal base ever since.  We learned a good lesson though – if you really really love it and the price is right. just buy it for heaven’s sakes!  So this time, we did.  The table is from Home Decorators Collection and was $599 with 10% off and free shipping when we got it, so we spent only a little more than the first table we loved and I think we actually love it more.

We LOVE the base of the table and how it’s dark, but rustic.  We’ve  had it for about 2 months now and have absolutely no complaints.  It’s very durable and at 53″ diameter can definitely seat 6 people very comfortably.  I knew we wanted upholster chairs, but buying chairs is not always a cheap endeavor.  So I headed over to Overstock and just knew I would be able to find the quality and look I was looking for and not completely break our bank on the price. And low and behold I found these

Dining ChairsThey hit just about all my check marks – padded and upholstered, tufted, armless, nailhead (!), rustic and I loved the curve in the leg.  Jake agreed they were the ones, but I had a hard time coughing up over $600 bones for 4 chairs, so I waited.  I waited a few weeks actually and kept searching online for other. Then one Saturday morning I happened to travel back over there to check on them and was so excited to see that each set was marked down to $282, so we could save nearly $100 on all 4 chairs!  Well, that was enough for us, so pulled the trigger and got them.

Dining Room

We LOVE these chairs.  They are so comfortable we eat dinner in here nearly every night now and if I’ve had to work from home, I find myself sitting in the dining room.  I may give the legs a light sanding in the future and deepen the stain color so it’s a closer match to the table, but for right now, they are fine as is.  We are loving the cozy but elegantly casual feel of the new table and chairs and it really helps us envision where we are headed with this space!

Have you ever undershot your goals so much you lost your way with something?  Are you looking our my sliding door and yearning for spring?  Maybe you just want to borrow my dad?   He’s pretty great, I tell you!

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