Completed Window Trim

Last week I promised to show you how we completed the trim around the windows. It was nice and simple to add 1.25″ window/door stop trim around each edge and filled out the gap nicely.




Any of the other small gaps were easily filled with caulking and quickly forgiven.  🙂 Basically the right side of the window is what I’d do if the window where in the middle of the wall or around a door.  Overall, it was pretty easy, so long as you measure well.


Since I also wrote about installing crown molding, here are a couple of pictures of it installed. #nightmares I’ve already wood filled and caulked the crown as well as primed the window trim and closet shelving.

Window Trim

Crown Molding

Closet Shelving

Crown Molding

And that’s about it for where we’re at! We have a light fixture but have yet to hang it and I’m leaving the space unfinished as my dad works his magic on the staircase and oh-my-goodness you should see it! It’s going to be AMAZING. He’s truly magnificent at his craft and I can’t wait to show you!

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