Life After Downton Abbey

If you’re anything like me than you really loved watching Downton Abbey! I mean, who didn’t?? I so enjoyed the visits and glimpses of history as much as the sharp wit and humor of the Dowager. Julian Fellowes really did an amazing job writing such a beloved show and making you love or hate each character.  But what do we do now that Lady Edith has found happiness and Mary has somewhat come to grips with her as a sister??

Maybe it’s old news, but I wanted to tell you that Amazon Prime has another show by Julian Fellowes that he’s written in the spirit of Downton. It’s called Doctor Thorne and is free to watch with a Prime membership. There are only four episodes so it’s not as big a commitment as Downton, but they were really well done. Here’s the trailer from Amazon:

I really liked the writing and am found myself favoring characters straightaway. Julian has a little chat with the viewer before and after the episode and it’s so interesting to hear from the creator’s perspective! A little taste of Downton again! If you watch or have watched it, let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I put this in my Watch list – looking forward to sitting down with this on the porch and relaxing to a few episodes soon!

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