The Tiniest of Updates

Last weekend, I decided to take advantage of an hour or so of down time and do a quick and VERY small change to the front hallway. When we first moved in Jake and I chose all the paint colors for the house and were quite consistent between the living room and dining room, but for some reason chose a different color to run up the stairs and into the upper hallway. I’ve disliked that choice nearly every day since and regretted the color even more. As I’m sure you know, stairs and super-high ceilings aren’t easy to tackle! Although we have bigger plans for this area (new treads/risers, new balusters and rails, trim along the stairs, etc) I thought I’d put my eyes at ease and paint what I could easily handle without a harness while making the entry view into our home a little nicer.

Here’s a quick before and after that is really very anti-climatic, but in person, you’ll just have to trust me…the colors are so different.

Hall Before


It’s hard to see in photos the slight difference this made. The original color we chose for the stairs was Sherwin Williams Lotus Pod, which isn’t a terrible color at all, but has a yellowish or even peachy undertone that just really doesn’t go with the rest of the greys and cooler tones we have on the walls in our house. So, I took out the last of what I had from the living room, which was just enough to give 2.25 of these walls a quick two coats of our more favorite color, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

Hall After

The living room is to the left of the entry and the majority of walls are Accessible Beige.  It reads both beige and grey so works really well in our space, furnishings and natural light we get.  We have an accent wall of Utterly Beige between the living/dining which just gives us subtle contrast.

Hall After

That may stay or it may go in time.. who knows?  After all, it’s just paint. But now we still have this area to do (cute dog optional).

Hall ToDo

Hall ToDo

Daunting, am I right? If you follow me on Instagram you saw a sneak peek of the new piece of furniture we got for the hall too and it looks so great with this color!

Have a great weekend!

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