So We Painted Our Bedroom…Again.

It seems to be a reoccurring theme that come the beginning of a New Year I get an itchy to redo our bedroom.  Looking back, I always seem to tackle it in January/February. I just haven’t felt all that warm and fuzzy about the drizzle.  I liked it for a bit, but then it really started to look, well…off. Rather than feeling calm and cozy it was feeling forced to us.

Master Bedroom

Over the last couple of years I’ve swapped out duvets (I know, I know) and curtains to try to lighten the room up.  After such a clean, simple and modern bathroom renovation I really wanted to inject that same sense of style to our room, so it only made sense to do what I could with my favorite affordable update: PAINT.

MB 1.1

MB 2

After priming, the walls all got two coats of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and the plank wall went to Gauntlet Gray which I am in love with.  It’s so sophisticated and moody but both colors interact with the furniture so well. We also added some stop trim to frame out the plank wall like we should have done in the first place.

MB 4

MB 5

MB 3

Jake was so happy with the changes he bought me tulips to help style the room.  🙂 What a sweetie! I’ve got to rework our gallery wall over the bed and have a new mirror for over the dresser on order but I’m so happy with these updates.  It’s calm and simple and much more in the style of our home.  Lesson learned! It’s ok to try color, but don’t force it.

What were you up to this weekend?

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