Guest Room Updates

We haven’t done much to update the guest room in the last few years, but I thought it was time add a bit more style to this room.  Or at least comfort in the form of some night stands and lighting! Part of what holds me up when trying to move forward is deciding on lamps.  Lamps, of all things hold me up! Ack. What holds you up, if anything on improving your space? Either way, I got past it, am happy with my decision and think the room is looking a bit more cozy and guest-worthy.  I also picked up a simple wide angle lens that attached to my phone so I can use that to photograph rooms, but it didn’t really pan out.  My Nikon is in need of a visit to a photo shop for repair, so I thought I’d give this a whirl.  I’m not all that happy with the results since they’re all a little blurry, but I know you won’t judge me too harshly.  🙂

Probably the last time you saw it, it looked something like this:


I’ve had a new duvet in there for a while (did I ever tell you I’m addicted to duvets?), but after some new art, side tables, and lamps, it’s still looking cozy and inviting. Guest Room

I knew the wall next to the bed where I had the created crochet art from Jacob’s grandmother needed a bit more and something that was a larger scale. I chose 6 8×10 botanical prints from this shop on Etsy and was so pleased about the quality and color. I picked up (6) 11×13 natural wood frames at Michael’s that were on clearance and spray painted them black and then with a layer of gold by Krylon.  We moved Mary’s crochet piece to the wall over the chair where it’s the perfect scale.

GR Art

Mary Art

The two side tables were from Target, but I did I made some alterations by re-staining the tops and adding height at the base which I’ll show you another time.  They’re in a guest room, so really only needed surface for a book, cell phone or magazines which is why we went with something without storage.  I like how abstract they are as well and combine some modern and rustic elements.

GR Table

This is actually one of the only rooms that has appropriately placed wall outlets and there’s one on each side of the bed (our room lacks this).  I though wall mounted sconces would be different and allow for easy use if you’re up reading (Mom) when you stay over.

GR Lamp

These were pretty affordable options that also came with cord covers making them a neat addition to each side of the bed.

Guest Room 2

So there you have it! A few small updates that help spruce this space up.  I have a few more ideas of things to do in here, but it’s the one room I haven’t wanted to repaint since we choose the stormy blue – I still love it and since this room gets so much morning sun, it’s a color that can hold up really well.

So what do you think about small updates? What holds you up when planning a space?

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