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While I’m working I like to have some music or the radio playing in the background.  I find it soothing and it keeps me going.  I’ve got an Amazon Prime membership and have found documentaries are great to listen to while I work, especially when I have a lot of drafting-heavy projects in my lap.  Ted Talks, of course, are always a great listen and I enjoy a number of those.

Over the weekend, I discovered The New Yorker Presents on Amazon Prime and can’t wait for more episodes already.  Each is about 30 minutes long, but are a compilation of stories, their infamous cartoons, insights and each is just told really really well.

I especially enjoyed episode three and the conversation with artist Marina Abramovic. In episode two the profile of young bull riders and The Death and Life of Atlantic City which was also just unique and interesting.  If you have a membership, I think they are worth a few minutes to see/hear something different and experience a new perspective.

Enjoy your day and a very special “Happy Birthday!” to my wonderful mother!  xox

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