Exterior Update

Hi all! I hope you’re all recovering from the storm this past weekend.  We were lucky to miss it and only got about 6″ here, so I am quite thankful for that! It’s also 42 degrees today, so this is just crazy for New England, but I’ll take it.

Since I’ve shared the completed inside of the bath, I also wanted to share with you how this really transformed out house’s exterior with the new roof lines.

Exterior Before Exterior After

Exterior Before Exterior After

It just fits in so much better and I can’t hardly believe it sometimes.  You may see the inside and may think it was just a bath renovation, but it really was a full dormer demo and new addition to the house. To see it like this really puts it in perspective. We added the cedar shingles to match our existing details and we’ll get everything painted in the spring to match. Looks good, though, right?


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