Inside the Bath

Happy New Year, All! I owe you all so much information on the bathroom!  Lastly I showed you the exterior, but you haven’t seen anything on the inside for quite a while!  I’ll try not to drag it out in too many posts, but since this blog is a great place to hold Jake and I’s stories I’ll want to drag it out a little bit for someday as we look back.  So, remember our before, or just after gutting it:


And then the whole dormer was built and we had a frame with a view..


It actually does go pretty fast for the big stuff.  The devil’s in the details and I like details, but we’ll get to that.  The window went in and tyvek went up to seal up the outside.  We needed to reroute the plumbing, add new insulation and level the floor, so the subfloor came up and they started in on joint reinforcement and laying out the new plumbing lines.


You can see below where the plumbed for the vanity location.Plumbing Vanity

The the fun stuff starts to happen.  The new tub was set in place in and plumbed in order to prep for plumbing rough inspection.Tub 1 Tub 2 Running water!!!! After inspection, the new subfloor and other framing for the ceiling went in, as well as the insulation.  We chose to vault the ceiling to 8′-0″.

Framing 1 Framing 2

And then… this happened and there may have been some tears.  Yup, tears.

Drywall Drywall 2

DRYWALL!  Honestly, I work in this business and knew what it was going to look like, but when we actually hit that moment where I could feel the finish line closing in and see the result of my design, months and months of thought and careful decision making… I was bawled over.  🙂

How about we get to the “finished” product already (is any room every finished?), right?  I’ll get it up this week!  Promise!

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