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While every other DIY/home blogger out there is decorating trees, sipping hot cocoa and wrapping their pre-purchased presents off their holiday gift guides they were sure to get posted before black friday, we are in the midst of Week 4 of The Reno.  Yes, let’s call it that.  The Reno. 

It’s taking longer than we anticipated for sure and, yes, is getting a little uncomfortable, but all I have to do is picture the finish line and I’m there.  So today, instead of talking studs, insulation, and inspections, let’s talk the fun stuff!  Bathroom Furniture! Oh My!

First up, our vanity.  This vanity is from Wayfair and made me swoon online, but in person it’s even better.


Carrara marble top, all wood construction, under-mount sinks and even the faucets were included.  And check out the storage:


6 drawers!  Plus the 2 cabinets!  We don’t have a linen closet in our house, so extra storage in the vanity was a must.  And this one has a gorgeous detail with the small recess at the drawers that just sold me on the details.  It’s perfect – what till you see it!

Our design scheme is on the white-grey side (shocker, I know), but I really wanted to bring in some natural wood tones to warm things up.  I have been in love with this medicine cabinet from Restoration  Hardware since I saw it on Kris’s bathroom Reveal over at Driven by Decor:

Whitby Medicine CabinetWe choose to put a recessed cabinet over each sink, giving us even more available storage.  We’re really trying to max it out, if you can’t tell.  All thing “things” people come with take up space.

The last furniture item some would probably consider a fixture rather than furniture; the toilet. But let’s be real here…you sit on it, not unlike a chair, and can be considered decor in a very well-used room in your home.  So I give you, our toilet:

Kohler_MemoirsOh my gosh, it’s so pretty.  I love the molding look to the tank cover and toilet base and how square and clean the lines of it are.  Nothing special to order this one.  We picked up this Kohler Memoirs toilet at Home Depot and they price-matched to Lowes lower price at the time.

Well, there you have it for today! I’ll be back to share lighting, tub, and tile as well as some updated pictures of the progress, but it’s about 2 weeks from completion.  I cannot wait to take a shower in my own home again soon!


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