Taking Shape

  We have had some progress, but before I get into where we’re at, I’m asking you to send some sweet thoughts/prayers to my head framer, Billy.  His mother fell last week and has been in the hospital and undergoing some tests, etc. due to the trauma to her head. We wish her all the best and hope she recovers soon.

When I last left you, friends, you caught a glimpse of the exterior being demolished and ready for the new framing.

Bath Day 4

Demo is exciting!  And noisy…just fyi.  🙂 Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures.

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Once they had done all of that it was about lunch time, so while it was safe to do so, I couldn’t help but sneak up there and take a picture looking out!

Demo 9

They started right in on framing the 2 new exterior walls right after that.

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By the end of the first day, the new walls were up!  No rain was expected so the blue tarp was fine for the night. We made some quick changes after day 1 and talking to Billy.  Basically we redesigned the roof shape from our first plan and love what we decided to do. The next day, the roof rafters went up and we could really start to see the new dormer take shape.

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Our view from our new window which replaces the skylight we had previously:


A slow-down occurred at this point when Billy’s mother fell, but he came back to get us temporarily weather-tight for this weekend before the rains came again.

Framing14 Framing 14

HA!  Cracks me up, but that’s how we’re working right now! I do love how the new roof lines are looking, though.  The dormer is starting to look like it belonged there all along.

Framing 13

The plumber has started rough-ins and electrical is nearly done with theirs.  There’s a framer here today working on the floor joists so they can both finish up.  Inspections are scheduled on the plumbing and electrical for tomorrow, though, so although the exterior has been delayed a little, we forge on!

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