Off to a slow start, but getting there

Last Monday marked Day 1 of the bath renovation with a 7am start.  I got up early, took my last shower at home and got ready for big happenings.

Bath Before Bath Day 1

After day 1, not so much. Womp womp.  As with all projects things might not happen as you hope and plan.  Although my porta-john arrived on time, the dumpster didn’t arrive until later in the day which held up demolition, so Day 1 was a bit of exploratory, but mostly a lot of waiting and setting up.


On Day 2 things got better.  A very nice crew of men arrived and got ready to fully demolish the space.  It was a noisy day and had the potential to be very messy/dusty, but the crew did a wonderful job of installing extra poly over what we had already put up, as well as adding more floor protection.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw that we had already made the house look like an episode of Dexter.#dexterlives

Bath Prep

They spent the day gutting the inside and cleaning up all that debris.

Bath Day 2 Bath Day 2.2

Uncovering the history of a house while making it your own opens a whole world of curiosity.  Like in the picture above you can see how a window was boarded up once upon a time and by the way the waste vent was installed you can tell there was no plumbing here originally.  What could this tiny little dormer space have been used for before it was a bathroom?  The wall and roof framing looks as old as the adjacent rafters.  It just makes me wonder about the history of it. Our house was built in 1890, so there’s a lot of years there to uncover!

The plumber came the following day and cut and capped the lines to ready for the rest of demo and then, of course, it rained.  For 2 days.  And then when the rain cleared we had scheduling conflicts.  These are things that happen and we can’t get too upset about – weather happens, life happens.  Just have to move on.

Yesterday our crew was back in action and we made some unexpected changes last night. It’s been a little stressful, but mostly exciting to see how this is going to take shape!  Here’s a peek at yesterday afternoon!

Bath Day 4

So nice to see progress and things moving along!

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