Our 3rd Anniversary

Jake and I are celebrating 3 years married today and each day I feel so blessed to be loved by such an amazing man!

3 Years

(At the Fair – 2015)

We fail miserably at selfies together, but that’s probably a positive thing for us.  We’re in our mid-late thirties people.  Apparently we try a bit though…


(Engagement – 2011)


(Honeymoon – 2012)

To say it’s a low key year for us, like last year, would be incorrect.  We are embarking on the bathroom renovation journey which finally starts NEXT WEEK and, well, is the biggest investment we’ve made other than the house purchase to date.  Yup, it even trumps the wedding.  We’ll keep you updated!


(Honeymoon – 2012)


(New York 2013)


Happy Anniversary to the love and light of my life, my best friend, and the man who’s laughter keeps me lifted.  I love you more every day!

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  1. Congrats!! You each are amazing individually and such an incredible force together. Two people were not better aligned when you married. Wishing you the most wonderful of anniversaries! Cheers to many (MANY) more!!

    Love you both!!

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