More Closet Makeovers

Everyone has one of these closets, am I right?

Guest Closet

I hope I’m not alone! It was definitely time to upgrade our storage in our guest room closet.  Ideally this closet would be empty (#alternateuniverse), but  we use it for off-season items, my dresses, Jake’s endless collection of hats and sweatshirts and our most functional purpose is to hang clothes that don’t get put in the dryer. We would LOVE to do this in the laundry room like normal people, but our laundry room is in the basement in a corner that is far from finished or cob-web free for my comfort level, so we do this up here.

First things first… emptying and purging.  Ahhh, it’s good for the soul, but not easy on the eyes…

Guest Closet

(can you find the puggle?) I took the bar down and made some measurements. I knew I wanted to put the cedar chest we removed from our master closet in here and was glad to see it fit with no problems.  Guest ClosetWe went to Lowes and used the same easily configurable Rubbermaid system we used in our master closet. The wire shelves aren’t my favorite and I can change them down the road, maybe, but they’re here and affordable so we don’t mind using them. I redesigned the closet to fit a row of shelves along the top with a high hanging rack and more shelves and storage to one side over the cedar chest. The left side of the closet I left free so I could hang long dresses.

Guest Closet Guest Closet

With the center of the closet open we can still hang our non-dry shirts and work pants and have plenty of room to add more shelves if we needed them.

Guest Closet

If we had a long term guest, the “dry-rack” would of course be empty along with at least a shelf and the top of the cedar chest which would hopefully provide plenty of storage. We haven’t had anyone stay for more than a few days at a time so far, so this systems works well for us.

So there, dear readers, I’m sharing my closets and dirty clean laundry with you, so you know I must love you! 🙂 This closet redo took about 45 minutes of my time to install on my own and cost about $80 in supplies for the supports and shelves. We reused a lot of the hanging racks and pieces from reworking the master closet so didn’t have to buy absolutely everything. It would probably be about $100-$110 if you did though. After putting this off for a few years, I can’t help but feel silly at how easy this was. I know it still needs to be patched and painted and could use a better light fixture than that gorgeous exposed bulb, but it definitely works for now! Hopefully you have a “Monica Closet” too?

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  1. You are (almost) inspiring me to tackle my own. Maybe one day Greg will get to put his close in our bedroom closet! Looks good!

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