Big Project Ahead

Well, we don’t really have a master bathroom, but it’s our one full bath in the house and we’re the master’s of the house, so lets go with it. The time has finally come for a renovation!  I really did think that redoing this space would be years away just due to other priorities (read: KITCHEN) and finances.  It’s definitely a useable space and functions well for us now, even if it’s not all that glamorous.


I still love the art we added and gives me a pretty view getting out of the shower every day.


So why are we moving this up on the priority list?  Well, here in New England this year we had the winter from H-e-l-l and had more snow than Siberia.  And with snow comes ice and in this area your roof will more than likely be occupied by a number of these lovelies known as Ice Dams.IceDam Ice dams are a danger to your house and can cause quite a deal of damage.  Simply put, the ice on top stays frozen but the ice below will melt and having no where to go, will shimmy underneath your shingles and into any gaps and then travel into your exterior walls finding a home wherever it can in your walls and ceilings.  Below are photos of what this ice dam did to our front mud room this winter.  These were early pictures as well – I haven’t taken new ones because frankly I don’t enjoy looking at it anymore!

Mudroom Damage

The ceiling is stained and sagging a bit, the paint is buckling and bubbled.  At one point the dam was leaking both inside and out and created a sheet of ice over the exterior of our door.  We couldn’t get out, so Jake had to go out the back and shoulder the door open from the outside.  The ice was all inside the casing of the door as well, so the casing popped out a bit as well as the trim and there are a few gaps around the door now.  Great for heating bills!

So what does this have to do with the bathroom?  Well, rather than band-aid this problem and do as the insurance company would like and just patch over and repaint the room, we would like to fix the problem permanently.  That little alcove between our bathroom and our guest bedroom also is a nest for mildew and wood rot in other seasons.  It’s on the north side of our house, so doesn’t get the sun it needs to dry out like that back of the house.  Moss grows on the shingles and leaves, sticks, and branches get trapped in there.  We even have plants and seedlings that like to grow in the gutter. #classy


It was always our plan to extend the bathroom to fill this gap and join the two roofs together in a new valley, but having this damage to another room of our house is making this a priority.  Why fix the mudroom if this might just happen all over again next winter?  Let’s fix it and fix it right to begin with!  This puts some other projects on hold a bit including the mudroom renovation I’ve been wanting to do for years, but it’s important to get this done right.  Plus I get to design a new bathroom and what’s more fun than that???

We’ve already talked to a contractor to give a quote on the framing, roofing and all that work that 1) needs to be done quickly (who wants a hole in their roof??) and 2) really should be done by properly insured professionals.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from him and getting this thing going! I’ll be back with more updates and to share with you what we have in mind!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Ugh! I damning is nasty! But, you have to look at the bright side,right? A new bathroom is SWEET! I can’t wait to see what fixtures and finished you pick!

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