Forsythia Wreath

Spring has sprung or, well, is spring-ing and each day we get closer to the lush foliage and flowers it will bring!  Our grass is turning more green than brown and actually starting to grow and I even took a time-out and planted our veggie garden in our raised bed.  So it’s time to come out of blog-hibernation, dump that “meh” feeling I’ve carried for a while and shake the cob-webs off my creativity.  I enjoy blogging and sharing our home and will continue to do this for me.  Although I can get overwhelmed by the talent and frequency at which bloggers in the DIY/Home Decor blogosphere are able to post and complete projects, I just need to be true to myself and do what I can. I work a full time job that requires commuting and long hours sometimes.  I am a wife, puppy-mom, and caretaker of our home.  Sometimes I just can’t get it all done and rather than give up – I need to be ok with that.  So, I’m back and won’t make any commitments to myself about posting frequency or anything…I’ll just continue to share when I can and what I have, so I hope you’re with me!  There are a few things to catch up on and some fun but also incredibly challenging things in store for us!  Stay tuned for more!


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