Hibernation and Yetis

We are not the only area of the world to get snowfall.  It happens every winter whether we want it or not.  None can deny, though, that this last week+ in New England and in the Boston area we are getting hammered with it so quickly we don’t have time to move it before the next wave of 20″ is upon us and the natives are starting to get restless.


You look out your window and wonder where it is all going go….


Or how you are going to get out…


Or get back in!


But we brave the weather since we have to and layer on the hats/coats/scarves/gloves and head outside to do our best.

Snow Snow

And rejoice when we’ve found our cars beneath the drifts and are thankful for that ugly chain link fence that’s holding the piles back from you..


And while you’re out and about, you might just run into this guy.  Who knows who’ll you meet as we band together to brave the snowfall!

Boston Yeti

Image courtesy of twitter.com – @BostonYeti

But mostly…we hibernate.  We dream of freely going to store and finding parking on the first turn around the lot…  Of maybe accessorizing with shoes other than snow boots… Of sitting in traffic on the way to/from work for less than 2 hours only to have to shovel out your own space when you get there…or maybe of getting to work at all!

When all this is getting to you, sometimes you have to fall back on a classic.

Grilled Cheese

Enjoy some warm soup and a grilled cheese, Boston.  You know we’ve earned it.  Stay safe and hunker down for round four (?) this weekend.  We don’t know where we’ll put it, but we’ll find a way (or a backhoe).

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