A Tree for Silver & Gold

My hubby got me the most beautiful jewelry tree for Christmas this year and it’s helped spruce up one more empty area in our bedroom plus gives me a place to display pretty necklaces and bracelets. What gal doesn’t love that?

Jewelry Tree

I don’t really care for huge bureau mirrors myself but I do like to take a quick peak when I put my earrings on in the morning. One problem with this wall and my preference to keep away from a big bureau mirror is, well….my height. I’m a little on the “wee” size at just about 5′-0″. (You are correct in assuming that “just about” means I miss the mark).

Jewelry Tree

For the past year I’ve had the black shaped mirror resting on the bureau (from a Joss and Main sale) and I could see myself just fine! However, hanging a solo mirror at that low height was definitely not going to look right. I picked up two small square mirrors at target on clearance for $6 and painted them both with gold paint to compliment the black mirror we had. After a little arranging I was able to hang the lower mirror at my height while putting the black mirror up at Jake’s height and then balancing them out with the second smaller square mirror.

Jewelry Tree

I like the mix of materials between the silver and gold that we have going on in this corner and think it adds to the character of spaces.  I still have plans to build or buy a proper full length mirror for a small wall between this area and the closet so am happy this isn’t creating a giant expansive wall of mirror that would compete with that.

Jewelry Tree

I still get a spot to put on my earrings and this little jewelry tree is just so pretty! What a precious hubby I have!

Jewelry Tree is from West Elm and is still available here

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