Master Closet Update

Who can really start the new year without a post on re-organizing or cleaning a closet?  It just wouldn’t be proper!  I showed you all some of the updates we had done to work with our unique closet space back when I painted the doors.  Those solutions were working well for us for the past few years, but the nice thing about living with things for a while is to see how you could really make them better.

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To work with the slope we had to install the upper hanging bars a little lower than conventional closets, so our lower hanging bars were also a little lower.  Our pants were grazing the floor and with the position of the light, reviewing what you had hanging on the bottom was a bit tough due to shadows.  Jake’s Grandmother’s hope chest in the back was allowing us to store off season sweaters, etc, but after all this time the top was really being used as a shelf which prevented us from lifting the top to get into anything on the inside.


So we decided to remove the hope chest and work it into the guest room closet (which is a much more conventional space) and switch some things around in here to make it work better for us.  After a quick trip to Lowes, I built 2 long shelves across the back that span the entire length of the wall (about 5′) and is a nice deep width to stack sweaters and sweatshirts or whatever.


I also relocated my lower hanging rack to where I previously had shelves and added 2 deep baskets beneath to store more items.



Jake’s side of the closet got fit out with more shelves by reworking what we already have. He would rather fold his pants than hang them so more shelving was going to give him what he needed to keep things organized (fingers crossed it stays like that! 🙂 ).

ClosetThe added five feet of shelving makes a huge impact to us and has definitely improved this small and unconventional “walk-in” closet for us.  We do still try to purge items and keep a “item-in-item-out” policy going, but it was getting hard when you couldn’t even see what you had.  This quick little update is definitely worthwhile!

The shelving was $48 and I used 1×3 supports along the side and back walls to support the shelves which were about $12.  We were able to rework most of the Rubbermaid system and only needed to buy a pair of the shelve brackets and 2 short extensions to support them which was $17.  So all this added storage and space only cost us about $77 and makes a huge impact.


How’s your New Year kicking off?  Have you jumped into 2015 with any storage or reorganizing solutions?




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