Shelves for Books

For the longest time the back wall of the office has looked like this (just not as clean):


Not so pretty and actually pretty useless.  Those boxes next to the table have been packed for nine years believe it or not.  NINE!  They were packed up when I was first moving in with Jake and they went to storage, then they came out of storage when we finally bought the house 3 years ago and there they have sat every since.  It was time to empty the boxes.

We settled on these bookcases from Ikea for a few reasons.  We really liked the glass doors (no dusting!) and the drawers were going to be a great way to change up the look and add lots of storage solutions for us. So we built them as one does with Ikea furniture:

Ikea Pieces

Lots and lots of pieces!  Then put on some tunes and assemble for about 1.5 hours.

Office Office Office Office

Then the drawers. Ahh… the drawers.  Agonizing, is all I’ll say. I employed a screw gun at this point as I had really had enough.


Luckily the doors come pre-assembled and installed very easily, so our back corner made a pretty easy transformation to give us a ton of added storage and shelves to style.

Office Office Office Office

Now, I bet you’re wondering why there’s no photos of them styled.   What happened to all of those books I talked about storing for 9 years?  Well, turns out in the past nine years this handy dandy tool called a Kindle came to be, which has replaced all those Nicolas Sparks novels and books by Alex Cross.  It’s my own fault…I should have opened them sooner!  I didn’t realize I had kept so many novels as I usually don’t!  I kept my copies of Jane Eyre and some classics, but gave the others to donation for someone else to enjoy!

So, there you have it.  An unstyled, unfinished, but perfectly functional solution to one more room in our house.  We’ve yet to organize the drawers and contents and I’ve hardly placed anything I really want for the long term on the shelves. We’re working on adding in more wood tones to balance the feminine white and aqua we already have in here, as well as incorporating some deeper blues. Completely un-Pinterest worthy, isn’t it?  But like this whole house, this room is a work in progress and it’s not always about the perfection of a space, but about the steps getting there.

Are you working on any functional but un-pinterest worthy projects? Do you have any boxes you haven’t unpacked for nearly a decade to find out you need nothing inside?  Tell me I’m not the only one!  🙂

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  1. You are not the only one! My un-pinterest worthy (although it did make Instagram) was the basement clean out…very exciting you say, right? Well, if it hadn’t been opened/worn/used/walked on/turned on or even plugged in since getting packed up 4 years ago then out the bulkhead it went…to the garage. Where boxes laid in stacks next to bags of clothing donations and rolled up rugs. And then over the course of the 2 weeks they sat there, things started to make their way out of the boxes and bags, oh my! A few books managed to find a new home on the work bench and several frames are awaiting new photos (I see wedding photos in my future). However, 99% of it made it to donation and now the cleanest more organized room in the house is the one we only use to do the laundry. Oh well – like you say, a house is a work in progress; we just started our way from below group and are working our way up! Next up – fixing up my office like yours so that I can stop working from the kitchen table! Looks great!!

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