2 Years and Forever to Go..

Yesterday Jake and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!  We kept it very low key this year (unlike last year) and simply enjoyed a champagne toast after work and went out to dinner at one of our favorite spots in our town.

Anniversary Snacks

This year rather than exchanging gifts we’re getting ourselves a big gift for both our anniversary as well as Christmas.  We’re converting our fireplace to gas and could not be more excited about it!  Real fires have been difficult to have this fireplace and we really want to be able to have a beautiful fire with cleanliness and ease.  We don’t need it to heat the house, so rather than a full insert that has a blower that throws heat we’ve chosen a simpler gas log set.  Our thermostat is in this room and our house is only on one zone, so if it throws too much heat we’ll have a very cold upstairs. This should do very nicely!

Log Set

The wheels are churning on this already and although it’ll be 4-5 weeks more before it’s all done (we have to have a door set made which takes the longest), we’ll keep you updated when we get there!

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