Recipe: Squash Salad

This year Jake and I joined our first CSA or Farmshare and have picked up fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables once a week since June.  (It’s Farm Direct Coop for any of you who are in the Boston area and are interested.)  It’s been fun getting vegetables we don’t normally purchase like kohlrabi (which we now LOVE!), bok choy, and pointy cabbage.  It gives me an opportunity to scour pinterest to find out what do do with them!

Last week it was this guy that was a mystery to me.

Delicta Squash

It’s a delicta squash or a winter squash.  I had to google it to figure it out and read that it’s a lot like butternut squash, but with a thinner skin that you actually don’t even need to peel.  Just give it a good wash and it’ll soften along with the flesh.  So off to pinterest I went to see what I wanted to try to do with it and I came across this receipe by Hungry Healthy Girl for her Autumn Harvest Salad.


Looks amazing, right?  She does a great job of talking through the recipe, so I won’t really do that, but I did want to share some switches I made that made this a scrumptious and healthy dinner last night!

As promised the squash was super easy to cut and clean. I chose to cut it into slices rather than cubes since it looked so pretty.

Squash Salad Squash Salad

I tossed the slices with olive oil, salt, and cinnamon and popped them into the oven for 30 minutes, turning them once.

Squash Salad Squash Salad

While those were roasting, I put some onions on to caramelize and gathered my other salad fixin’s.  Instead of romaine I used arugula and also added pear slices, dried cranberries and a sprinkle of goat cheese.

Squash Salad

Everything is better with goat cheese!  A loaf of bread and goat cheese could sustain me for life, I swear.   I also made the maple dressing she suggested with it, but used Dijon mustard instead of spicy mustard.  Since I did so, I found I needed to add about a tablespoon more maple syrup to cut the tangy-ness of the Dijon and then it was perfect.

Squash Salad

Seriously, this salad was so good!  The warm vegetables wilted the arugula just a bit and it was full of warm fall flavors that just hit the spot after a few rainy days here.  I packed up the extra roasted vegetables separately so will get to enjoy another warm salad tonight! Honestly, it’s such a gorgeous blend of colors that this would be wonderful at Thanksgiving as well.  It’s such a pretty salad, isn’t it?

Squash Salad Squash SaladEver try a delicta squash? Have any favorite fall recipes that are a must have?


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  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe. What a different and delicious way to enjoy these seasonal veggies. I served them over steamed kale and it was fabulous.

  2. Every year I debate whether or not to do a farmshare and I never go through with it but it’s so inspiring how you take all of those wacky veggies you get and figure out how to cook with them. Looks like a fabulous dish!

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