Shopping for Chandys

While we’re working to update our dining room, I can’t help but hunt the web for chandeliers that we like. The new pantry light is so much fun, I think it’s finally got me thinking of what we might want to replace this beauty.

Current Light

Blech. I do plan on donating that to Habitat Re-store or Salvation Army, though. With a coat of oil-rubbed bronze it might not be so terrible, but it’s just really not our style overall and I’m looking for something that will give off a softer light.

I’m drawn more to fixtures that have drum shades. I love how elegant they look, while still giving off a casual vibe. But then again, fixtures with a little bling are really pretty too. We use this room to dine in almost every day and since we have such a small footprint we walk through it a lot as well. We want it to feel casual and lived in with a touch of class…you know, like us.  🙂


1.  Springfield2. Modern Beads / 3. Jeweled Bronze / 4. Johnathan Adler / 5. Margo / 6. Cosmo

This is a tough decision! We may end up with one of these, but then again, we may end up with something else entirely! What do you think? Do you like any of these?

Have a great weekend!

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