Fancy Pantry Pendant

Way back in April I saw this amazing Capiz light fixture for sale on World Market and since I had my eye on it for a while and had this idea for a fancy light in the pantry I pulled the trigger and picked up this fixture for $55 while it was on sale.  We updated the pantry earlier this year with new shelves and it was about time to keep progressing.

Pantry Light

Our current fixture is your standard old “boob light” that is perfectly functional, but not that pretty.  It’s a small space to photograph and a little awkward, but you get the idea.  Also, my camera is on the fritz so these photos from my phone aren’t the best either.

Pantry Light Before


When it comes to light fixtures in certain parts of our home we’ve learned a few things, so do as I say here and not as I do.  When we removed ours it was no surprise there was no junction box.  In fact we also learned there’s not even any insulation in this ceiling which attributes to a severe heating loss in the winter and very cold toes, but we plan to fix all that later down the road when we tackle a kitchen renovation.  We decided to improvise this time around in the sake of forward progress!

We painted the ceiling a lightened version of the wall color (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray) and added a small stack of shims so that we would be able to install the canopy mount flush with the drywall ceiling.

Pantry Light

Pantry Light

Jake and I also picked up a ceiling medallion to cover the unsightly and large hole in the drywall that you previously couldn’t see from the boob light and a hanging kit for the capiz pendant.

Pantry Light Pantry Light

We hooked it up, secured it to our ceiling mount contraption and stood back to take a look. We have such high ceilings in here it’s neat we can get away with a pendant fixture like this.

Pantry Light

The magic really happens when you turn it on though!

Pantry Light Pantry Light

I love it so much we’ve been leaving it on as our night light when we’re done in the kitchen in the evenings.  I love the glow and the stars it casts on the walls – sorta like a grown up disco ball!  🙂

Have you installed any unique light fixtures in your house or in unexpected locations? A crystal chandelier in a bathroom maybe? I’d love to do that!

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  1. This is lovely!
    I’m considering it for my foyer. Do you think this would give off adequate light for a 5’x8′ area w/ 9ft ceilings?

    1. Thank you April! I still love the shadows it gives off. It might work in a 5×8 area – I can’t remember what the maximum wattage was, but we only put in a 40watt bulb. A 60 watt might do the trick with a 5×8 room. There is a larger version of this for sale as well and it’s just as pretty!

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