It’s no secret that I love Pinterest.  It’s so helpful to bookmark and categorize images, inspiration, recipes, and projects in a visual format.  I love seeing what my family and friends are looking and taking inspiration from them, as well.

Pinterest ScreenshotAs a part-time blogger and DIY enthusiast I do also pin my own projects.  It doesn’t hurt to try to improve site traffic!  🙂   My most pinned project to date surprises me though.  I mean, I was really excited about it because I’m an organizing nerd like that but I guess there are lots of others out there just like me!  Ready? Here it is:


Yup… that’s it.  This lovely image is from this post on organizing our shed and it has been re-pinned over 300 times.  Not tens of thousands by any means, but it’s a photo of axes and scrap lumber and not a lovely living room or inspiring kitchen.  Crazy.

I’d be lying if I weren’t wishing it were my dresser makeover (which I’m still madly in love with!), the brick wall we built or, heck, even the hydrangea wreath I made last fall seems more pin-worthy!  But the people have spoken.  And shed organization is on top of their lists.

Go figure!

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  1. That’s because it’s super creative and yet so easy! After all the September shenanigans, I am most definitely tackling my garage storage and will be looking to do a couple of things like this for sure!

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