A little Mid-Century in Me

In my heart of hearts, I would love to have a house that could fit in some pieces of mid-century modern furniture.  I love the clean lines, solid wood tones, and general appreciation for craftsmanship.

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

It’s not all wood tones and neutrals either.  Color mixes in very well and gives everything a clean but lived in feel.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

Even in retail it looks chic and modern without being cold and uninviting.


Domaine Home

I’d only pick a few pieces and I really prefer mid century furniture over a majority of the accessories.  The sofas and chairs I’m especially attracted to.


Thrive Home Furnishings

A mid century sectional might fit with out house and may even be represented a bit in our current sectional.  I don’t think we could add anything else in though, really.  Any more pieces like that I fear would define our style as mid century and dictate the directions we could go in the future.

Living Room

Maybe Birdie would like a touch of mid century too, though?

Pet Bowl


What do you think of mid century modern?  Do you mix your styles?

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