Decorating the Bathroom – Finally!

I finally got tired of the blank walls in our upstairs bathroom and committed to hanging some art up!  We’ve been looking like this for a couple of years now..


And finally we have some pretty things to look at in here!


Bathroom Bathroom

I wanted to bring some color in since we have such a neutral grey palette going on in this room, so first, I grabbed a bright and colorful rug for in front of the sink and door.


I know it’s all “stripes on stripes” in there, but I love the punch of color in the rug and the larger size.  I picked it up at Target and might head back to see if they have a size small enough for in front of the shower / toilet.

Three of the four prints came from Etsy and one I recreated myself.  The hummingbird watercolor print is one I’ve had in my favorites folder for a while.  The link is here and I can’t tell you how much I love it!  I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on it.  The colors are fantastic and what’s not to love about a painting of birds?

Hummingbird Art

I also purchased some word art to add something graphical and interesting.  Also from Etsy, this typography print was too cute to pass up.

Typography New England

I chose to go with all of New England because, well, we love New England!  I great up in NH, Jake’s lived in both Connecticut and Rhode Island, we got engaged in Maine and live in Massachusetts so seemed like a nice little hommage to this area of the country that we’ve spent so much of our lives in.

This last print made quite the journey to end up in our bathroom!  This feather print came from a seller in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!  I loved the variation in color throughout the feathers and how the object of the print (feathers) played off the hummingbird print as well.  It’s quite pretty!

Feather Watercolor

Lastly, to balance the typography print I decided to go with a quote and chose something inspiring since first thing Monday morning, you could use a little inspiration!


I found an image on pinterest with no link to the source, so I printed it out and used a window as a light table to trace the lettering onto a plain piece of paper and framed it.  It came out pretty good!  The ampersand symbol was a anthropology pick-up on a very rare visit there and just like that it added something sculptural to the wall.  All the frames came from Michaels (I usually pick them up buy-one-get-one and have a 40% off coupon) and I hung them using the Command 3M Strips I first tried in our bedroom.  I’m curious to see how they hold up in a humid environment over time, but so far so good.

And there we have it!  A more colorful and decorated upstairs bath with a little inspiration to start (and end) our day!


Anyone else hanging any art lately?  Ever been to Malaysia?

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