Fourth Fireworks

Well, July is here already!  I can say that with some sense of relief, too.  My lack of blogging is only because June was so busy!  Work was busy, life was busy…it was just busy all around.  Jake and I took a couple of extra days over last week to actually just stay at home, enjoy the yard and all the hard work we’ve put in so far this year and have a stay-cation.

We did head up to my parents house for the 4th, but due to June being so busy it was a little more low-key than last year.  We just packed ourselves and the puppy!  Unfortunately, we got rained out on the 4th itself, so had to postpone our fireworks for Saturday instead.  Mom got out there and grilled anyway, though!

4th July 4th July

Thank goodness for such a long weekend!  The fireworks were beautiful and we had a ton of fun.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather on Saturday or Sunday either!

What did you guys do for the fourth of July?  See any outstanding fireworks or spend time with family?

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  1. What an incredible weekend! It’s always like a vacation in NH! Hope your flowers held up while you were gone. What’s next on the to-do list??

    1. Well we did get a few things done I’ll fill you in on. Plus, my awesome twin sister has some exciting news and some projects for me that hopefully I’ll get to tell you about! 🙂

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