Vegetable Bath Tub

As promised, here I am to tell you about what we planted in our raised bed we built!  I’ll even fill you in on the price tag in case you want to build your own and show you some embarrassing selfies.  Putting it all out there today!

So, again my hubs went to work fill it up with some topsoil and then we mixed in huge bags of Miracle Grow garden and vegetable soil we picked up at Costco.

Raised Bed

Birdie supervised as usual.


We had already picked up some veggies and herbs at Lowes and some garden centers as we’ve been trekking about to fill the yard up, so I laid those in there to find the placement I wanted.

Raised Bed

I haven’t done much research on what goes well with what so forgive me if my companion planting is not accurate!  We’re learning!  But here’s what we ended up with.


I know you don’t see basil… it was next to the sink and I forgot it until I went in the house, but it fits in there, trust me!

Raised Bed Raised Bed Raised Bed

Ok, onto the embarrassing selfies I promised! I planted these this week after work one night and didn’t want to get dirty, so grabbed a grilling apron of Jake’s and then decided to be, you know… all “boss” about it.  Yeah… such a bad-ass, that’s me!

Raised Bed

Raised Bed Raised Bed

Didn’t I say I’d deliver?  Yup. I should not take selfies… or is that already a rule when you’re in your mid-thirties???  Oh, and if you think I was without company this time while planting.. think again.  She found me!


I’m going to have to name her soon… or trap her and bring her back to the woods!

Back to the garden, the entire list of materials to build the raised bed itself cost less than $100 including the trellis.  And did I mention how large it is?  2′ x 7′!   That’s 14 SF of planting area and 16 cubic feet of soil and depth!  Besides which, it turned a very sunny but under used corner of our yard right around into something pretty spectacular in our eyes!

Raised Bed Raised Bed

Is anyone getting outside and doing some gardening?  I can’t wait to see the squash and zucchini climb the trellis!  I may have just planted them for the blossoms.  Any tips to share on harvesting??

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  1. i would LOVE to have my own garden and hopefully i might when we move into the new place, but we had so many squirrels at our old house that they ate everything i tried to plant!! here’s to happy healthy growing!! ps – i can’t believe that raccoon is just there… in broad day light.

  2. The veggie tub looks amazing…and HUGE! Did I miss the inclusion of how much soil/Miracle Grow it took to fill it? I know I said I wanted to do mine next year, but after looking at yours, I’m jealous! Take come photos of the veggies growing, particularly those squash blossoms once they bloom (YUM).

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