Pillow Talk

I’ve been wanting to update our living room throw pillows for a while.  I made the ones that we had as one of my first attempts at sewing!

Living Room

I daresay the sewing machine was the one that triumphed.  The seams tore open and my poor measuring made for pillows that bulged awkwardly out of the back of the envelope enclosure or were ill-fitting at best.  They looked good for a bit and we don’t entertain enough for me to wake up in a cold sweat worrying about it so they’ve been that way for quite a while.  Being of sound mind (most of the time as you’ll see) I recognized that a heavier home decorator fabric would not only hold up better than the cotton I used, but would look much dressier and more “store bought”, so to speak.  Not wanting to toss my toss pillows just for store bought solutions I turned to my other best friend, Etsy!  (In case you’re wondering Pinterest ranks among my BFF status as well).

I found three different sellers each offering designs, colors and patterns that I just loved! And even better, the prices were that which I would pay or LESS than a yard of designer fabric even with sales and coupons!  The last and most obvious bonus: they would already be sewn!  So I cheated and shopped my tush pillows off.

I decided rather than the bright green I want more navy blue in the room to bring up the sophistication level a bit.  I bought two pillows from Pillomatic and they were custom sewn to the sizes I picked.  I chose a heavy weight solid navy for $16 and the navy cats eye (LOVE!) in a decorator fabric for $20.  This is a great shop with TONS of options!

Etsy Purchase 2

To bring back in the yellows/golds that I am really found of with the neutrals and browns in our room I shopped over at CholeandOliveDotCom.  I picked up the gold reversible scrolls pillow for $21 and the yellow floral reversible pillow for $13.  I’m still way under prices at stores like Target and even sale pillow covers at Pottery Barn!  This shop finishes their pillows with hidden zippers, too!  I’m all fancy-shmancy now!

Etsy Purchase

That being said, my last impulse addition was a total budget bust.  I can’t just tell you about all the good/frugal stuff can I?  Sometimes you’ve got to come clean.  And I fell in love with this custom designed fabric by LileputtStudio and dropped $58 ON A PILLOW.  And it’s not silk, or leather or fur… it just has birds on it… and it’s pretty….  #breakoutthestraightjacket

Etsy Purchase 3

I admit I might have strayed off my path there, but I’m over it and wrote it off as a birthday gift to myself!  I really love them!



The blue was a nice addition to the living room.  It was originally introduced by the quilt my sister made us and I really like adding more touches of it.

Living Room


I think it would be nice to add a few more.  Not just for color and texture, but because I always seem to pile them all around me when I’m on the couch!  I wouldn’t mind more! The navy cat’s eye pattern is both Jake and I’s favorite (besides the birds!).  It’s just such a great pattern.


Anyone else in love with Etsy?  There are all those talented people out there!  Got any sewing tips or a sewing blog to share?

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