No Tulips for You!

Apparently this week I’m blogging about rodents.  Today’s topic – the blasted squirrel!!


Not seeing what I’m seeing?  Look again.

Tulips - Arrows

They ate the flowers right off my tulips!!!  The FLOWER!  I’ve heard of them eating the bulbs before, but when they started to bloom I thought I was in the clear!  And you think I still had some left?  HA!  That picture is from Monday.  When I came home last night they had eaten the rest of them. I went around the yard and clipped any remaining ones and put them in a vase in hopes of enjoying some of my very own tulips.  You know how many were left to clip?  4.  FOUR!  These little buggers are really starting to get to me.

Oh yeah, Mom – they hang by their tales off the bird feeder post and pull the cage to them so they can eat from the feeder.  We had a live witness yesterday.  🙁

There are tips online I’ve read…but I’m not sure I want to spray my yard with deer repellant (I’ve heard it stinks) and that would probably get the hair up on Birdie’s back for a bit.  My mom also sent me something else about Citrus rinds or something in the soil.  I don’t know… I hate them. They destroy my fence, dig up my lawn and are now eating my tulips.  Not the worlds biggest problems by any means, but aggravating just the same.

Anyone else have yard pests?

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  1. I’ve seen so many videos of how crafty squirrels are. Hanging from the fence and pulling the squirrel proof feeder to them is the first. So sorry for your problems with the rodents. People think squirrels and chipmunks are cute and fun to watch until you have them invading and destroying your personal space. Then you start to think evil thoughts of how can I get rid of them. I wish you much luck and hold those evil thoughts.

  2. How frustrating! We are very fortunate to have a watch dog in the backyard. A squirrel would not DARE drop on to our grass for fear of Dixie (the mean and nasty bulldog guardian). I am sorry you are only enjoying 4 of your tulips! Between the squirrels and the racoons, it’s like wild kingdom at your place!

  3. We had to get rid of our bird feeder because we were having so much trouble with the darn squirrels. Good luck getting them to move on.

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