Santa? Is that you?

We looked up from dinner one night last week and were greeted with this fella over at my neighbors house.

Racoon  RacoonRacoon

Thankfully, he/she did NOT continue down that chimney, but crawled down from the roof to head somewhere else.  There is some wildlife in our suburban area, but seeing raccoons out during the day is supposed to be uncommon and mean they might be rabid or something.  That is not the case in our area.  They come out in the day and roam around the neighborhood.  So, it shouldn’t have been too surprising when she popped up in our own yard when we got home from work one day.

Racoon Racoon

Yup.  Just chillin’ in a tree…  Then Birdie noticed this little guy and started barking her fool head off.


That mask isn’t hiding you!  We did put a call into Animal Control and they said there’s the same issue all over our city and they’ll probably head back to the woods in a few weeks time.  There’s a large woodsy park reserve near us so that’s probably where they come down from and get lured into our quaint residential streets by the smell of garbage.   She didn’t stay too long and didn’t do any harm, so off she went.

Raccoon Raccoon Raccoon

I’m sure we’ll see her again and I’ll have to be careful with Birdie, but for some reason we found this really entertaining!


I hope you had a good weekend free of any raccoons dropping down your chimney!

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  1. I would bet anything that she might have a litter in that chimney, make sure to tell your neighbors they should cap the chimney! We had a raccoon make a nest in ours and it was terrible. 500$ later though both our chimneys are capped and critters aren’t an issue.

  2. Who knew they could nest in a chimney?!? That’s crazy…and a little nerve wracking! Not to mention that raccoon is HUGE – she’s like two Birdies! I think I need to check if my chimney is capped. I believe so, but worth a conversation to make sure and avoid anything like that in the future. (Of course, that said, I’d have watched and photoed her on my neighbor’s house too!)

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