Sharpening our Edges

Before this cold snap occurred and reminded us that April is for showers, Jake and I scooted outside to make some improvements to the backyard and get an early start on laying some things out.  We are having an irrigation system put in soon for the lawn, but before that goes in we needed to layout some of our garden beds so when they do come install it, they know where there will actually be grass.


view from last year

Last year we tried the “natural” version of edging basically by using our edger to cut a sharp edge then troweling out a little ditch.


Yeah.. that doesn’t last.  The rain pushes the dirt around and we run the lawn mower over the top and everything sort of blends together after a while.


We were looking for something a little crisper and lower maintenance than that while still giving us a nice sharp edge like this or this.  We decided on this Fiber Edge product and scored it for an extra 15% off.  It’s flexible, made of fiberglass for durability, and easy to install.  The product also doesn’t stay all rolled up when it’s released from the packaging, so there’s not the issue with trying to unroll it like there is with the plastic stuff.


We bought the recommended stakes, too, but ended up returning them.  They didn’t really do much to help, we found, since your backfilled soil will do a good job of keeping the edging in place.  Jake cut all the edges in for all of our beds using the edging tool like we did before.


Then we placed the fiber edge in the trough and pulled the dirt in tight on either side of it. We left it a little high so we still have nice defined edges and separation once our grass regrows.

Backyard Backyard

We have some plans for a raised bed area near that corner tree, so held off from putting any there, but went around the rest of the yard in no time, really!

DSCN3766 DSCN3773 DSCN3772

As you can see we also picked up a bunch of plants already!  My parents recommended this amazing nursery and garden center about an hour away from us, so we made the road trip and found it very worthwhile!  Especially for this area along the back fence that gets about 90% shade.  This garden center had an especially good selection of shade plants that I think we’re going to really enjoy!


I didn’t know there were so many options of shade plants that flowered until we went there.  We also picked up 2 knock-out rose bushes at Costco.  I’m so excited about those!  Ever since I saw this image on Pinterest, I’ve been wanting to get a wall of roses too!

We did all this a few weeks ago and I still haven’t planted anything yet.  We’re waiting to get a load of topsoil delivered, the irrigation installed and then lastly for all my spring bulbs I planted to flower!  I just planted a ton of them last fall and know they are sprouting up everywhere!  Some of the tulips and allium are going to bloom right where I’d like to put the roses, so after they bloom I’m going to dig up the bulbs and move them.

How’s spring looking in your neck of the woods?  Are you as anxious as I am to get outside?!?!

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  1. Landscaping and working in my flower beds is one of my favorite passtimes. There’s endless opportunies for color, texture and sheer enjoyment from the fruits of your labor. I love reading how others enjoy it as much as I do.

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