Pesky Closet Doors

With some rainy weather keeping me inside this past weekend I decided to tackle painting the closet doors in our bedroom.  Like most of the doors in our house these are also on the list to change, but in the meantime I figured I could at least get them painted white so they fit in a little better.  With all the other master bedroom updates (new paint color, plank wall) they were really looking a little shabby!


This closet is a pretty decent size and works for us pretty well.  When we first moved in there was just a long bar across the front which really didn’t allow us to fit all our cloths for both of us or have convenient access to the back of the closet (picture me crawling beneath hanging clothes in the dark).  The sloped ceiling makes things a little awkward, but I was still able to create  “his and her” sides using Rubbermaid closet components a couple of years ago (pre-blog).  At the rear of the closet we have Jake’s grandmother’s hope chest which we use to hold off-season clothes.

Closet Closet Closet

I really didn’t want to empty the closet to paint and if I took these doors down I was definitely going to throw them away. Instead I used some painters tape to hang a couple of contractor trash bags on the inside of the closet to protect our clothes from potential paint splatters on the inside.  Worked like a charm!

Closet Closet

I’ll tell you right now that I could probably paint an entire room in the time it took me to put 2 coats of white semi-gloss on these doors.  It is a PAIN to paint louvered doors!!  But after just one coat I could see how worth it this tedious task would be.  See how yellow they were compared to one coat of white?


I used some cardboard that I slid under the doors to protect the carpet.  When I was finished I just had to touch up the wall a little bit and let them dry.


And, hey – I decided if I was going to live with these crooked doors a little while longer, they could use a little dressing up (get it? closet? dressing? Nevermind.) and I switched out the plain wooden knobs for pretty crystal ones I picked up at Lowes.


Who doesn’t like a little sparkle?

Closet Closet

Honestly I think this took me 3 or 4 hours to paint these freakishly aggravating doors.  And I’m so happy I did! I got a lot of HGTV time in, so wasn’t all bad!  #PropertyBrothers 🙂  These will look nice and pretty for a while now until we can save up to work on the floors some time in the way future.

Do you have an tedious projects you keep putting off too?

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  1. We currently have no closets in our bedroom and also have the slant of the roof – gave me a some inspiration for closet design!

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