House Anniversary & Basement Tidying

We closed on our house 3 years ago today!  I can’t believe it’s only been three years, but I also can’t believe how much we’ve done to improve it since then.  Happy Anniversary house!

Onto our basement… I haven’t really shared photos with you so that tells you what condition the space is really in.  We hide it and hide it well!   I dug this picture out of my files from our final walk-through when we bought our beloved abode.


Since the house was built in 1890, it has a field stone foundation and a staggered column and joist layout making it a bit awkward.  The previous owners must have had a play room down there at one point because most of the space had drywall walls put up and some insulation added.  Eventually we’ll have to get around to removing all that so we can properly re-grout the field stone, but that’s a ways down the road for us.  The wall your looking at in that photo we actually did remove to open up the space and fit a washer and dryer in there. It’s tough to photograph so forgive me!

This area serves a number of purposes for us other than just housing utilities like our water heater and furnace.  We also do laundry, exercise, practice putting, and have all of our storage down here (our attic is very inconvenient).  Needless to say it would function better when it’s clean.  First things first, we rented a bagster and started throwing out and purging things that have been laying around like old carpets, extra doors, wire shelving, etc.


I love purging… it’s good for the soul!  We picked up some taller and sturdier shelving at Lowes to help us maximize our storage space and have things that will hold up long term.  That was one mistake we made when we moved in – cheap plastic shelving that could hardly stand up to a few boxes on them!  Spend a few extra bucks for sturdy shelves!


Really it was just a few well spent hours of vacuuming, removing cob-webs, organizing and assembling new shelves.

Basement Basement

And in the end it really paid off.  Not only did we get rid of a ton of extra stuff, be we loaded up a car load of donations and gained extra storage and floor space downstairs.

Basement Basement Basement

The shelving is really great and very sturdy, so now we have one dedicated to extra vases and appliances that we don’t have room for in the kitchen.  Oh, and enough toilet paper for an apocalypse.  If there was ever a natural disaster of any kind, rest assured I have plenty of TP and ziplock bags!  #Labattsphotobomb


It was also nice to put together all the seasonal decor so it’s not all over the place.  And we dedicated a shelf in the back to things we do need to go through more thoroughly to vet out.

Basement Basement

We still want to paint the walls white (before we remove them completely) and maybe even put down some laminate-type flooring or something, but for now, it’s clean and organized and is feeling like a much nicer space to be in!

How’s your spring cleaning going?  Any messy spaces you hide in your house?  Someone please assure me that I’m not the only one that feels like a responsible adult if I never run out of toilet paper!

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