Staying Stong

Yesterday was the official one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.  As a Bostonian, it’s hard not to be touched and hold a special place in your heart for being “Boston Strong” and being proud of how this city is memorializing that terrible day a year ago.

AP BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING PHOTO SHOOT A S RUN ATH USA MAOther cities may choose to reduce the event size or number of runners, but not this city.  The preparations have been astounding, beautiful and very well thought out.  The memorabilia and things left as reminders of love ones lost and struggle and heartache have been unboxed and placed on display at the Boston Public Library, near the finish line.


On Monday 36,000+ runners will lace up their sneakers and join each other in making it up heartbreak hill and eventually turn the corner down Boylston Street, no doubt to a throng of cheers unlike any they’ve heard at the biggest of concerts.  Amazing stories of love, heroism, bravery, endurance, strength, trust, and charity have brought this city together over the last year – as well as joining people together from all over the country and the world.  It’s been a beautiful thing.

I only write to say that I hope it continues… this sense of community people are feeling and their willingness to help each other no matter the cause.  There’s so much to admire in so many people and that we can all be a little “Boston Strong”.

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