Camels, Parrots and Ferris Wheels

I went over to Home Goods on my way home last night and although I bought nothing there were some very interesting pieces that I just had to snap pics of and share with you!

Spring is here and fairs will be popping up in parking lots soon but you could own your very own Ferris Wheel!

Ferris Wheel

This iron Ferris Wheel stood about 9 feet tall, I’d guess and retails for a mere $799.  Actually, it was quite pretty and would probably be a great feature piece in a restaurant or antique shop even.

Polly want a box of crackers?


Again it was huge!  I’d give this parrot about 7 or 8 feet tall and would take one mighty large pirate to accompany him!  And at $199?  Yar!

Got wheels?


This car was seriously cool and if I had not been by myself I would have climbed in for a photo-op!  if you had the right sort of yard, I guess this could go in a garden, but I’m not sure the finishing would really hold up.  It reminds me of the car in Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang and did I ever tell you I saw Dick Van Dyke in a drug store in California once?  He danced with my sister-in-law…I swear.  Ok, he might have been trying to get by her in an aisle, but she has a better story to tell saying she danced with Dick Van Dyke.  He looks great and I’m sure he could afford this $1500 garden replica of ol’Chitty.

This last piece may not have been so odd or unique, but I found him a little generously over-sized enough to mix him in with this bunch.

Camel 1 Camel 2

He would not fit in my nativity scene, but look at those eyes… he’s just begging you to drop $40 and take him home!

What have you been finding in stores lately?  Ever dance with another celeb in a drugstore? A few months ago Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on and it’s actually a little creepy, don’t you think? I didn’t seem to notice as a kid!

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  1. Bahahahahaha!!! Those camel eyes almost made me fall out of my chair! I LOVE him, but alas I have no room for a camel! This begs the question.. Who buys this stuff anyway??

  2. My Home Goods doesn’t have big stuff like that! Largest random thing I saw was an “old” red telephone booth like they have in England. It was badly damaged and they still wanted over $1,500 for it.

    1. It definitely was pretty random! The car was beat up a bit too and I’m sure they wouldn’t have negotiated much either! I’m not sure what I would do with a phone booth…bathroom? 🙂

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