Vertical Garden

Well this morning is just lovely, isn’t it?  Oh, wait… you don’t live next door to me?  Well, it’s raining cats and dogs in beantown this morning, but on the plus side it’s warm!  Yay for small victories!!

We met with our landscaper last night to get ready to install an irrigation system for our lawn in a few weeks. Needless to say I have got lawns, landscaping, and gardening on the brain big-time and feel so anxious to see green grass and flowers!  Considering my parents are only 50 miles north of me and still have 2+ feet of snow in their yard, I should be biting my tongue, but I can’t help it – it’s all things green and growing around here today!

One of the things we’re hoping to do this year is put in a vertical garden of sorts for vegetables and herbs.  We don’t have a lot of surface area in the yard, so I I don’t want to take up areas of grass for raised beds.  We thought maybe one of these options would work for us.  {click the image for links}

Vertical Fence Garden 1 Vertical Fence Garden 2 Vertical Garden

I’ve got the yard all sketched out and am trying to figure the locations of everything based on our sun exposure and other plants I’d like to get.  I’ll probably share that later this week after I scan it in and would love feedback on any of it.

We weren’t exactly successful in our gardening pursuits last year, but we weren’t total failures either.  We are learning though and love to hear any advice we can get! Do you have a green thumb and have any tips to share?

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  1. oooh! yay for vertical gardens. i’ve always wanted too but we have so many squirrels in the area that they eat anything you put out… so herbs and veggies are out of my reach here! 🙁

    1. Ugh! I hate squirrels! We planted about 60 bulbs last fall and I was just walking around yesterday looking for any sign of green shoots. I did find some, but the little buggers managed to dig up a bunch that I just noticed. Such pests!

  2. Definitely do the wall. If it works it will be lovely and a great way to have herbs and some lovely hanging flowers. I have found over the years that the chipmunks are far more damaging to containers than squirrels. Both, however, love to dig and to purge their findings in containers. Pests! You can secure bulbs by wrapping them in steel wool before planing. The nasty rodents won’t touch them and they grow right through the steel wool. The only bulbs the rodents don’t want are daffodils, which is why I have thousands planted in almost all my landscape beds and because the deer will eat anything but not the daffodil bulbs.

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