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So as I was reading blogs working yesterday, I came across a HYSTERICAL post by the famously talented Emily Henderson on her blog about this quiz.


Emily Henderson, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, the Property Brothers (swoon a little), or Nate Berkus?  I love me some designers so I plunged right in to see who I got!  I really wasn’t sure who was my fit after some of the questions! I was pretty sure I wasn’t an Adler, Berkus, or Weastler, although they are all so talented.  And although I adore Emily Henderson, I wasn’t quite sure I was entirely “her” either.  The Property Brothers, I just love so I was secretly hoping to get them.  I’ll wait a few minutes while you go take the quiz too…






So who did I get? ResultsEmily!  Which did surprise me, but I picked the gold pineapple which I think did it…I was torn between that and the bread/cutting board so I went back and took the quiz again.  This time – Property Brothers! The funny thing is that when I lined up the stats they give you from both quizzes they were pretty consistent – I’m definitely and Emily or a P-Bro.


Results stats


Results 2 stats

Even though I was 26% P-Bro on the first quiz they still gave me Emily which is why I think it’s the pineapple tipping the scales.  Either way, that was a fun way to blow 10 minutes!

Who’d you get???  Any big plans for the weekend?

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  1. I got the Property Brothers (who I LOVE!). However, if Sarah Richardson was listed I know I would have been her! She is amazing. The farm house and lake house renovations featured on her show were incredible!

    1. You are so right! I love basically everything about Sarah Richardson! Her personality made her so fun to watch on those reno shows as well. You can follow her on Pinterst if you don’t already!

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