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This winter hasn’t been our heaviest with snowfall by any means, but dang it’s been COLD!  It’s about 22 degrees right now in Boston which is over 20 degrees from our average temperature this time of year.  I know there are other areas that are colder than here, but I’m just about done with it.  And I wouldn’t be a New Englander if I didn’t complain about the weather, right?  So park me in the official “I’m over it” spot.

Luckily for us we have a vacation coming up and we are in countdown mode big time!  And given that it’s spring break for many and we all seem to be dreaming and longing for warmer days, here’s a few of my beach essentials to get you inspired!

Beach Essentials

1 & 2.  Swimsuit & Swimcover – The most obvious essential – proper attire! We favor the fully clothed beaches vs. the latter, so a pretty swimsuit and a swimcover are required to enjoy the sun and the surf.  This thirty-something body does not do bikinis any longer and one-pieces have really made a comeback!  This one from J.Crew is really cute and is less than $60 at their factory store.  (there’s an extra 30% off discount code today too!)  Too avoid getting too much sun, I also love to throw on a swim cover to go for a walk on the beach.

3.  Flip-flops are another obvious one. With all the cute patterns and designs, the women in my family can easily build up a collection of 40 pairs each.  My mom even has a closet for all of hers – it’s an addiction!

4.  Shades aren’t just for when your future’s so bright, but also very helpful when basking in the sun!  This pair from Target have a neat gradient and are less than $15.  That’s much more in line with my budget since I’m bound to sit on them or squish them at some point!

5.  Sunscreen is, of course, imperative!  Don’t forget it or you will regret it! (#thatrhymes)  I love the line of sunscreen by Australian Gold for it’s great protection, but it also has an amazing fragrance!

6.  Books, Magazines, or a Kindle Paperwhite to give you both!  I don’t get a lot of time to read on a regular basis so when I’m on vacation I load my Kindle up with at least a dozen books and relax in the sun and read for hours on end.  It’s especially great because you can carry so many books at once without adding to your suitcase.

7.  I got a beach hat similar to this one from my gals at my bachelorette party and I love it!  It’s perfect for when your feeling like your getting a little too much sun or just want a bit more shade.

8.  How you are trekking all this stuff to your cabana while holding a fruity cocktail??  A beach bag, of course!  This bag looks great and would fit all your beach essentials and probably some snacks too!

If all this beachy talk wasn’t enough to inspire you  – how about this view?


Pass me a pina colada!  Happy Monday! (And Happy St. Patty’s Day too!)

Any one else done with Old Man Winter?  What are your beach favorites?

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  1. great list of essentials! we’ve had a pretty warm winter here in florida. except for a few random block of two days here and one day there where it’s been colder. my favorite beaches are just right down the street. our area can get pretty touristy but us locals know of a few places that are unknown to most tourists, so if we want a beach day, that’s usually where we head. have a blast on vacation!!!

    1. Someday it would be great to live close to the beach in a warm location! I love the ocean atmosphere up here even in winter, but warm sandy beaches are so relaxing in summer or for vacations!

  2. Love the list of essentials – and that swimsuit! The one-piece is back and it’s fabulous! And there is nothing like a Paperwhite to keep your carry on light with all your reading needs. And man is that view is gorgeous!
    #iwanttobethere #vacationcountdown

  3. I love that hat and the bag. I’m a sucker for navy blue. My essentials were quite different a few years ago. A cute bikini and a towel and I was good to go. Now it’s all about the sunscreen and cover-ups! Have a great vacay!

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