Friends on Friday: Fireplace Update (Episode 2)

Last weekend we headed back over to help Monique finish up her fireplace transformation.  When we left, she had caulked and filled all the nail holes and was getting ready to sand and paint the whole thing.

Plank Wall Fireplace

Which she did before we got there!  Looks amazing!

Plank Wall Fireplace

All that was really left was to change out the outlet to a nice white one, mount the TV bracket and TV, and get all the cords hidden and put away.  As I’m continuously apologizing for – I have almost no photos of those activities.  So sorry, but you’ll live, I’m sure.  She purchased a nice narrow universal wall mount kit that only offered the angle adjustment and it worked perfectly as well as being very easy to install.

Plank Wall Fireplace

I told you Monique really likes the Command picture hanging strips – well she was ingenious and used them to put her Roku receiver and a power strip up hidden away behind the TV.  She also has a wireless receiver for cable from the box that’s in the corner of the room.  So she didn’t even need to have cable added to this wall! Clever!

Plank Wall Fireplace Plank Wall Fireplace

We unloaded the sound bar, hid away all the cords and were done!

Plank Wall Fireplace

Here’s a different room perspective to see why mounting it above the fireplace was a good option for her.  Her room is long and narrow with 2 openings, 3 windows and a door which does not leave much area for an entertainment center or media wall.

Plank Wall Fireplace

And she still made it work and it looks amazing!  I also like that she doesn’t have a colossal TV here.  Not that I have anything against colossal sized TVs, but it doesn’t compete with the fireplace as much at this scale  Let’s see where we started and where we are now, shall we?

Plank Wall Fireplace Plank Wall Fireplacever

What a sweet little transformation just a little bit of work and very little money, really!  $88 for the wood and about $90 for the TV mount – the rest we had on hand and between the two of us could get this done with a little fun mixed in!  And thank you, Jake, for helping get the TV up!

And check out this daper fellow…

Plank Wall Fireplace

Wonder what he wants to watch?

What have you got up your sleeves for this weekend?  Any planking or refacing or refinishing?  Have a great one!

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  1. It’s so fantastic. Thank you for all the help. What a clean and clutter free look to it! Great job with the plans – everyone needs to get those from you! (and love the shots of my living room – looks rather pretty. :)

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