Get ’em up!

After using the newspaper cutouts to layout our frame wall in our bedroom, I knew I was pretty happy with what we had to start with and could get them up on the wall.


To hang these frames, I decided to try the Command Picture Hanging strips for the first time.  My sister uses these everywhere, but I’ve never tried them.

Command Strips

It seemed like the perfect application because I didn’t really want to be putting a lot of holes in this new plank wall.  Especially with me – I change my mind so much who knows how soon it will be before I switch this room around again!  Anyway – they were very easy to use – just peel, stick, and press for a few seconds and you’re done!

MB Frame Wall

I like to place a level on the top of the frames to help me get them straight.  And yes, this is the smallest level I own!  Ridiculous, but gets the job done!

MB Frame Wall

And here’s a picture from the side.  The velcro strips are hardly visible and you don’t even notice them!

MB Frame Wall

I got most of the frames done in about 40 minutes one night last week, but I didn’t calculate the number of command strips I’d need correctly, so had to wait to finish until I could pick up some more.  I got the 2 remaining frames up this weekend though.

MB Frame Wall MB Frame Wall

MB Frame Wall

Now that they are all up and I have more of a feel for the texture and colors of the frames, photos, and mats together, I can see I have two “holes” – one on the right and one on the left.  I had one more frame in my stash and it was silver so would balance out the large silver frame on the left side.  I whipped up a little combination of “MJS” and printed that out to see how I liked it and put that on the right side.  (Terrible phone picture warning)

MB Frame Wall

Now I just have to find something to fill the spot on the left.  I have another frame left, but it’s black so I may paint it white to balance out the white frames in the middle and maybe I’ll do something graphic again to mimic that bit of pattern we have going with our framed wedding vows and the initials I whipped up.

All in all, we’re really liking our bedroom, the colors, and the new textiles and enjoying a place to put photos that are really special to us.  It may change or it may stay this way for a bit, but I think being flexible is important in decorating.  Your style may not always stay the same. I think this room is definitely a reflection of that because it’s quite different from my decorating style in the rest of the house where I tend to lean on grays and neutrals for a majority of the palette and leave color up to accessories.  Here we’ve added colorful walls, bedding, pillows, and pictures, but it doesn’t feel overdone to us.  It may not be the most sophisticated of spaces, but it’s cozy and we’re happy with it.  Maybe it’s my trend in bedrooms, though… the guestroom surprised us as well!

Master Bedroom

I still need to recover that chair… and paint the closet doors.  Ugh, the sewing machine awaits me!  I need something to do while these arctic temperatures keep lingering around, though, right??

Do you have any spaces that surprise you in your house?  What kind of “style” do you feel defines you?

*I was not compensated or given any Command products to try – I did that all on my own and my opinion is my own.  I’d say they rock!

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