Photo book Delivery!

Our photo books from My Publisher arrived on Friday!  After I spent a weekend creating a book for Jake and I of our wedding and honeymoon, like I mentioned here, it was exciting to get those two boxes in the mail on Friday!  We waited until Saturday morning to open them over coffee and I we are both really really pleased with how they came out!


For each book I chose the image wrap front and it gives each book a nice hard durable cover.  I was worried with a paper sleeve it get torn or stained and this is just easy to maintain and wipe down if I ever spill coffee on it.  (I inevitably spill wine coffee on everything).

Honeymoon Photobook

Our Honeymoon book is the standard size (11×8.5, I think?) and is a really nice size.  We went with all the standard pages, finishes, etc for this book and the colors and photos printed quite well.

Honeymoon Photobook Honeymoon Photobook Honeymoon Photobook

For our Wedding Album I decided to add in a few more perks like the bigger size, linen sleeve to keep the dust off, lay flat pages, better paper and high gloss printing.  OK, I added nearly every perk, but I’m in love with the result!

Wedding Photobook

It’s really gorgeous and we are so happy with it! The 50% off deal definitely helped and although they were still expensive, we saved a bundle of cash and this was the much more affordable route to take overall.  Our photographer wanted at least $1,000 to create an album for us and although I know it would be very different from a photo book, we just wanted a place to look at memories – not sacrifice a major house purchase for it or anything.

Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook

I think we’ll be sticking with My Publisher for sure.  My favorite feature which I will spring for in all future books is the lay-flat pages.  They really do lay-flat and you don’t loose any pictures into the binding of the book.

Wedding Photobook

It’s really nice to have started our little stack of memories!  Jake and I have been together for more than 8 years and love to travel, so I know I’ve still got books to create of Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Florida, Aruba…  I think it’s just great to get back to getting photos out to where they are accessible and not just stored on a computer or hard drive someplace.  Now anyone who visits us will get to enjoy them as well!

Do you create any photo books or family year books?  It would be fun to make one each year of your kids – what a great keepsake for them!

I am not sponsored by MyPublisher in anyway – they don’t know who I am, but I don’t mind sharing my opinion that their books rock!

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