Framing this way or that?

I’ve mentioned before that I have some trouble committing when it comes to hanging things on the wall or pull the trigger with things like that.  I don’t know’s just a nail hole to mend afterward.  We’re starting to layout and add some pictures and frames to the plank wall in our bedroom and that trouble committing thing is rearing it’s ugly head at me again!

Here she is now:

Master Bedroom

We know we want to add some pictures but not so much it darkens the wall up and shrinks the room again.  So I went around and gathered some frames and some pictures and projects we have waiting to be hung.  Most of them are from our anniversary projects to each other so we’ve decided to make this a wedding themed wall.  Why not?  It meant so much to us and where else can you splash pictures of your own self all over the room, but in your own bedroom?


This grouping is quite unique in size and types of pictures, so I don’t think there’s any rhyme of reason to the type of layout.  We’re breaking all the rules and are just going to go with what works!  #rebels But to get the vision and vibe going I started by tracing the overall size of each frame onto some newspaper and then just used some painters tape to place each template on the wall over the bed.

Frames Frames

I keep moving photos and newspaper around still, but you can see that there’s really no pattern to follow here and I’m just rolling with it.  I just don’t want it too cluttered.  I’m working on getting all the photos I want printed and some of the other frames cleaned up this week, but hopefully we’ll have some sort of commitment made here by the weekend!

Here are a few other “random” frame arrangements I’m pulling our vibe from. *click on the picture for the source!

from GARDNERS 2 BERGERS: ✥ Gallery Wall + Tutes & Tips ✥

By the way, in that last image, there is even a chunky frame over the thermostat box that makes it blend right into the rest of the gallery wall!  Clever!!!

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