Drizzling in the House!

We took the plunge and got out master bedroom painted this weekend!  Thankfully umbrellas were not necessary – only the walls are drizzling now!  As usual, I cut in while Jake rocked and rolled and we got the remaining walls done in about 3 hours.

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom Master Bedroom

It’s bright and cheerful and we’re loving it so far! It looks pretty bright in some of these photos, but I would describe in as a deeper aqua color with a hint of grey in it.  We’re excited about the changes taking place in here and can’t wait to keep moving onto the next step!

Before we plank the walls like I showed you all here on Friday, we still need to paint the back of the two areas we’re add wall planks white so there’s no dark shadows between the boards.

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom

And then to finish it all off paint the plank walls a bright white and repaint all the trim a bright clean glossy white finish as well as these two closet doors.

Master Bedroom

We hate them and one of them falls of the track continuously, but until we figure out what our flooring situation will be long term we can live with them.  But we might as well live with them glossy white!   It’ll be nice to be in a room that feels more cozy and more like us after all this time.  I’ve really been struggling with the design in here, but I’m finally feeling like we’ve narrowed in on something that is going to work for us for a while at least!
Master Bedroom

We like how the Drizzle looks great with both the darker wood tones and the bright white dresser. You can check out our ideas here, but there are just a few remaining tasks, builds, and styling, and sewing and we’ll be there!

What’s your take on Drizzle? Any bedroom or room painting or styling going on in your house?

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