Bedroom Plank Wall

In my last post about our master bedroom plans (here), I showed you our mood board and mentioned a plank wall behind the bed to try to elongate the room and bring in a bright white wall (that wouldn’t be so plain as just painting it).


The idea of the plank wall is inspired by a number of other bloggers that I follow, the everaddictive Pinterest inspirations, magazines – you name it.  They seem to be quite popular!  I thought I’d show you more of what I was talking about with the idea though.  First up, Thrifty Decor Chick:

White mirror on wood planked wallShe built this amazing plank wall leading down to her basement and stained it instead of painting it.  It looks amazing and is such a great feature wall in a quiet space.

Layla, from The Lettered Cottage and her old master bedroom:

*Swoon* – I love it!  Of course I wish we had more windows and natural light, but this room looks so cozy, charming and comfortable.

This plank wall behind the bed looks like it’s made up of wider boards than I’ll be able to do, but this is the idea!{Source}

Here’s another example of one that is stained, but it brings such a warmth to the space and works so well with those tangerine and oranges.

I really want a wood wall somewhere in my house! tangerine, grey, white//


Even in this kitchen by designer Susan Serra the plank wall looks fantastic next to those pretty aqua tiles.

Seriously gorgeous and I love love love that wall of windows behind the sink too!  (That’s already in our kitchen plans!)

Here’s another pretty plank wall in a smaller bedroom:

House of Turquoise  Love the wall color with the bird/nest/egg prints


It just adds a bit of texture and interest to the walls and give a real cozy feeling.  I’m hoping that’s the feeling we get in our space once we’re done!  This weekend we’ll take painting the rest of the room and get that done first.  Then I can get started on the wall planking and hopefully it won’t feel like -10 when I’m outside with the miter saw!

Funny how the paneling from the 70’s is so very out, but this look is so very in! Everything comes back around somehow… except my 90’s grunge look… I’ll gladly leave that behind!

What do you think of plank or paneled walls?  Love it? Hate it?

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  1. LOVE. The rustic and homey feel that plank walls bring to a room are great. Plus, the way they make a room feel wider or taller is a nice way to optically enlarge a smaller space. I’m looking forward to “planking” my fireplace and creating a mini-version of this to bring some life to my living room! I think the white plank wall is ging to look great with the color splash you’ve brought in. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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